10 Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Sharjah

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Sharjah is one of the most beautiful places in UAE to visit with your spouse, but knowing the romantic places might seem hard. Fortunately for you, we will be sharing 10 Romantic places to take your wife to in Sharjah. Whatever you wish to explore with your wife on your visit, Sharjah got a place for you. There are many romantic places to see and many activities to engage in.

10 Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Sharjah

Giving your wife some baby girl treatment is a great way to keep her happy. It doesn’t matter where you take her as long as she is with you. However, if you planning a surprise trip for your wife to Sharjah and looking for some romantic places to visit, you have clicked on the right article.

10 Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Sharjah

Below are some of the romantic places you can treat your wife to in Sharjah:

1. Al Montazah Parks

This is one of the amusement parks to visit with your spouse and have a good time. It is the number one family and lovers destination in Sharjah offering thrilling water rides and lavish leisure amenities. Al Montazah Parks is a place to take your wife and create new memories together.

2. Sharjah Aquarium Is One Of The Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Sharjah

Sharjah aquarium is the first and largest government educational center in the United Arab Emirates. It is a world of wonder and is a great place to visit with your wife. The Aquarium is enjoyable if you see real marine life and creatures. You get to see those marine bodies you have been seeing on the TV in real time.

3. Corniche Al Buhaira

Corniche Al Buhaira is a beautiful path to take your wife and is located around Khalid Lake featuring resorts, parks, supermarkets, restaurants, and complexes. It is one of the most visited places in Sharjah.

You get to enjoy a peaceful evening with your wife while enjoying local foods. Additionally, the Corniche is well associated with the rest of the city where you can enjoy some of the best picturesque views of the city.

4. Khor Fakkan Beach

Nothing beats a nice time at the beach and Khor Fakkan Beach is a great place to chill, swim and relax with your lover. It is a major tourist attraction. There is a variety of activities you can do at the beach with your wife.

5. Al Majaz Waterfront Is One Of The Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Sharjah

This is one of the romantic places to take your wife to in Sharjah. Al Majaz Waterfront is a lakeside park with restaurants, cafes, and a splash park. Also, there is a musical fountain display at night giving it a romantic feel.

The waterfront is a perfect blend of entertainment and scenic beauty. Whatever you decided or let your wife decide to do while at the lakeside park is up to you, nevertheless, you will have some much fun.

6. Maritime Museum Sharjah

Enjoy a day with your wife at the extraordinary Maritime Museum Sharjah. It is a place where you get to explore Sharjah’s interesting marine history and heritage and learn about the customs of the inhabitants, whose lives were strongly influenced by the sea.

Not only do you get to have a great time with your wife at the museum, but also get to learn about the Sharjah people including their fishing methods, sea songs, pearl diving, and many others.

7. Comfort Zone Arabia SPA Is One Of The Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Sharjah

Honestly, a baecation is not complete with a visit to a Spa. That is why taking your wife to Comfort Zone Arabia SPA is a must-visit. Spas are great for offering mind-blowing massages to help you relax and don’t you think both you and wifey deserve that? Comfort Zone Arabia SPA is in Occidental Sharjah Hotel.

8. The Arabic Restaurant

Food is vital for the body which is why you should take your wife to the Arabic Restaurant located at the Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah. If your wife is in for trying out new delicious delicacies, then you should take her here. According to the reviews on the restaurant, it is known for serving authentic delicacies that are beyond expectations.

9. The Act Hotel Sharjah

This is one of the most romantic places in Sharjah that you can take your wife to for a great time. The Act hotel is a high-end hotel on a lagoon offering guests polished rooms and suites, including international dining and a spa.

It is one of the best places to treat your wife to a getaway. You get to have all the time to spoil her and treat her like royalty.

10. Al Noor Island Is One Of The Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Sharjah

Al Noor Island is a must-visit romantic place that will have your wife in awe. It houses the Butterfly House, which is the home to over 500 butterflies belonging to different species. This island is a must-visit to have an enchanting time with your spouse.

Women love colorful things and places and by taking her here, you will have excited like a child that just got their Christmas present from Santa Claus.


The places listed above are the top 10 romantic places to visit with your wife and have a good time together in Sharjah, UAE. We hope the list shared here will help you narrow down the romantic places to visit with your wife on your next visit to Sharjah. Or even as a first-time visitor to Sharjah. Be free and use the comment section to share your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sharjah best known for?

Sharjah is known for its Arabic and Islamic architecture as well as its museums, libraries, and cultural centers. In the United Arab Emirates, the city is known as the cultural and literary hub. It is a beautiful and educational place to visit.

Where can I go on a date in Sharjah?

Here are some romantic places to have the perfect date in Sharjah;

  • The Act Hotel
  • Al Noor Island
  • Maritime Museum
  • Eyes of the Emirates Wheel
  • Al Majaz Waterfront
  • Al Montazah Parks
  • Sharjah Aquarium

Is Sharjah Worth Visiting with your Wife?

Yes, visiting Sharjah with your spouse is fun as you get to engage in many fun outdoor activities. Also, there are indoor places as well to be explored.

Is Sharjah a Romantic Place to Visit?

Yes. Sharjah offers romantic places and settings to visit with your spouse, however, it offers fewer places, unlike Dubai. Nevertheless, you get to have as much fun as you want in the city with your favorite person.

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