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Are you a huge fan of anime? If so, then you won’t mind checking out Animetake. This platform is specially designed for all anime lovers, and it has all the interesting anime on it. All anime series for all age groups are available on this platform. Animetake has a wide variety of interesting and wonderful anime series that can be streamed for free on its platform.

Animetake - Watch Free Anime Series Online

When it comes to finding the best high-definition anime for streaming, Animetake is one of a kind, and it is free. There is no need to subscribe to a plan or sign up for an account to use this platform.

Animetake provides the best and latest anime series that you can think of. If you missed some old anime that you watched previously, you can find it on this website. There is also an option to choose an anime series at random if you aren’t sure what to watch. In this blog post, all the information you need about this platform will be delivered to you in full detail.

Features on Animetake

Animetake is designed with several features that improve the user’s experience. These features will make searching for anime much faster. Here are some of the features that you will find on the platform.


This is the home button that will lead you back to the homepage. If you are streaming an anime and you want to jump back to the homepage, you can click on this button. This button is located at the top of the page.


This feature is akin to the search bar. It allows users to search for anime on Animetake using various options such as alphabetical order, genre, score, year of production, or rating.

Let’s assume you wish to watch an anime produced in 2023. To do so, navigate to this feature and select ‘2023’ from the year section, followed by clicking the ”Filter” button highlighted in yellow.

To that end, Animetake will display a list of anime series from the year 2023 on your device screen. You can then browse through the available options and select your preferred one.

• Favorites

If you have any anime that you find interesting, you can add it to your favorites and check them later. They will all be added to the favorites list.

• Light

One of the ways to make sure that visitors have a nice time visiting one’s website is to prioritize user experience. The Light feature on Animetake allows users to switch from light mode to dark mode and vice versa.

If you wish to stream in a low-light environment, such as at night, or conserve your battery life while navigating the platform, the dark mode feature is designed for you. Simply tap the ”Light” button to enable dark mode.

• Random

Don’t know which anime to watch? Easy; just tap the “Random” button located at the top of the page, and it will choose any anime series from different genres at random and provide you with an anime series to watch.

Genres of Anime on Animetake

One of the features that makes it easy to navigate a platform, especially a movie streaming platform, is its genre feature. When you visit on your device’s browser and navigate to its footer, you will see a ‘’Genre List’’ link underneath Quick Links. The genres of anime are as follows:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Cars
  • Comedy
  • Dementia
  • Demons
  • Drama
  • Ecchi
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • Game
  • Harem
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Josei
  • Kids
  • Magic
  • Martial arts
  • Mecha
  • Military

For any genre you select, you will see the anime series under it. With that, you can easily search for your favorite anime series and watch or download them for free.

Alternatives to Animetake

While Animetake is one of the best websites for anime enthusiasts, other websites like Animetake provide netizens with high-quality anime series. Some of them are:

  • Crunchyroll
  • KimCartoon
  • WatchCartoonOnline
  • GoGoAnime
  • KissAnime
  • 9Anime
  • AnimeFreak
  • Anime-Planet
  • AnimeLab
  • AnimeFrenzy
  • Chia-Anime
  • AnimeLand
  • CartoonCrazy
  • Animedao
  • AnimeNova

We’d be glad if you could check any of the aforementioned websites and check their user interface and the features they have.

How to Stream on Animetake

Animetake makes it very easy for users to navigate the website. If you want to stream any anime on this platform, you will find that it is surprisingly easy. Follow the procedures below to stream:

  • Connect to the internet.
  • Open your web browser and visit the official Animetake website.
  • On the homepage, use the search bar to look for the anime that you want to stream.
  • Tap on the episode you want to watch.
  • You will be taken to a new page.
  • Choose the server that works (you can choose vStream).
  • Tap the play button.

There you have it. It is as simple as that. You can even change the server if the one you are using is not working.

Can I Download Anime Series on Animetake?

While Animetake is a repository for tons of anime series, it does not incorporate a download button. That is, users cannot download anime series but can only stream them online.

On the app, there is a download button on the anime description page. However, the download button is as good as nothing because it seems like it is just there for fun. If you click on it, you will get the message that says ”No source available for this content”.

Hence, if you are looking for a website to download anime, look elsewhere as you cannot download anime on Animetake. Better still, you can check our article on the 12 Best Websites to Download Anime.

Is Animetake Safe?

Yes, it is. Animetake is very safe to use. It doesn’t request your personal information, and you can stream all you want at no cost.

Does Animetake Have An App?

If you use Animetake on a mobile device, you can enjoy better streaming by downloading the Animetake app. However, the Animetake app is only available for Android devices. If you own an iPhone or any other iOS device, you can only stream via the website. You can download the app from the Google Play Store.

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