Best Online Game Stores in Nigeria

What are the best online game stores in Nigeria? As a gamer in Nigeria, you must be curious about online stores where you can buy games. is, and gaming accessories for even an affordable price.

Many of these online gaming stores also have gaming consoles such as PS5, PS4, and Xbox consoles. If you want to buy either of these gaming consoles you have to visit their online store and shop for them. Several of these stores also have some newly released games and you can get them for an affordable price.

5 Best Online Game Stores in Nigeria

There are multiple websites where you can shop for games and gaming consuls. They also sell games from across several categories and they are quite affordable. Here are some online gaming stores in Nigeria:


IEXGAMES is among the top online game stores in Nigeria that enables you to buy games online from the comfort of your home. It also offers exclusive perks and discounts. They also sell gaming consoles for an affordable price and their store also has one of the best services you will get from an online gaming store.

They have the best gaming consoles and you can get gaming consoles such as Xbox, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and more. on the IEXGAMES website,  you will get games for as low as eight thousand Naira (8K). IEXGAMES also sells gift cards such as PlayStation Gift cards and many more. Overall, they are one of the best gaming websites where you can buy games online.

Best Online Game Stores – SOSO Games

SOSO Games is also another amazing online game store that offers only the best games on its website. You can get any video games you want on their official website and they have PS5, Xbox games and PS4 available. For a gaming console at an affordable price, you can count on SOSO Games.

They have a lot of products to offer. They are one of the best online gaming stores in Nigeria. You can check out their official website to buy your favorite game and also get the game console for an affordable price.

Game Trade

This online gaming store is all about gaming and they are one of the fastest growing in the Gaming community. Whatever game console you can think of will surely be available on Game Trade and for an affordable price too. This website also sells console games across different categories.

One of the many reasons why people prefer to buy from Game Trade is because it enables you to exchange old games for new ones. If the game is still in good condition, then you can exchange it for a new one.  Overall Game Trade is one of the best online gaming stores in Nigeria.

Best Online Game Stores -Ubuy

Ubuy is also one of the few online gaming stores in Nigeria where they sell a wide array of items. This store is a large electronic store and they have several electronics such as gaming consoles, Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation.

If you are looking for a game console to buy then you can check out Ubuy’s website. This is one of the famous online gaming stores that we have in Nigeria and they sell a wide variety of games and gaming consoles. They sell only high-quality products and their website is straightforward to navigate.

VG Stores Nigeria

VG Stores is also an online gaming store and they sell a wide array of games on their website. You can place your order on the official website and have your package delivered to your doorstep. VG stores are known for having many gaming accessories and consoles. 

You can find Nintendo consoles, PlayStation Consoles, and Xbox Consoles on VG Stores. Even the newly released games are available on their website and they are very affordable.  Furthermore, VG Stores only sell the best games and you can get them from their online store. They also sell PlayStation Network cards and several more.

In conclusion, you can visit any of these stores online to check out more of what they have to offer and also buy gaming consoles. With these sites, say bye to wondering about in a random physical store looking for game consoles.


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