Cowrywise – Save, Invest, and Earn Online

Are you currently seeking information about Cowrywise? If so, it’s worth noting that not everyone is familiar with Cowrywise and its purpose. However, if you’re keen on gaining a clear understanding of what this platform entails, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of Cowrywise.

Cowrywise - Save, Invest, and Earn Online

Cowrywise has established itself as a leading digital-first wealth management platform specifically tailored for the younger generation. Saving and investing can often appear daunting, requiring a commitment to cultivating financial responsibility and a culture of investment.

This is precisely why Cowrywise exists – to assist you on this journey and empower you to become a more financially savvy version of yourself, which is its primary objective for the younger generation.

Furthermore, the platform serves as an educational platform, offering valuable insights into personal finance and showcasing various investment opportunities available in Nigeria. Curious to learn more? Keep reading to discover the details.

What is Cowrywise?

Cowrywise is a comprehensive savings and investment platform designed to instill a lifelong habit of effective personal financial management.

Its purpose extends beyond mere savings and investment; it aims to simplify these processes and facilitate the monitoring of your savings, investments, and overall net worth.

We encourage young individuals to initiate their savings journey as a stepping stone toward successful investment.

Perhaps you’re wondering whether it’s possible to generate income through Cowrywise. The answer is Yes! Continue reading below to discover how.

How Does Cowrywise Work?

The platform allows customers to diversify their investment portfolio in line with the goals they have set. To begin, all you need to do is sign up for an account. Rest assured; the funds are carefully supervised to ensure customers receive optimal returns.

Is Cowrywise Safe?

Cowrywise also boasts a team of dedicated investment professionals who strategically invest savers’ funds across various financial instruments, diligently managing these investments to generate returns for our customers.

Furthermore, the assets held by Cowrywise are safeguarded by Meristem Trustees, a registered entity under the Securities and Exchange Commission, acting on behalf of our savers.

Their primary responsibility is to ensure the security of your funds, leaving no room for concerns. You can trust that the platform follows through on its investment promises.

Feel assured and at ease when considering Cowrywise, as we prioritize the safety and security of your financial assets.

How to Sign Up

Signing up for cowrywise is pretty easy and fast. All you just would need to create an account is an internet-connected device and your required personal information. With that, you can sign up with the steps below;

  • Visit their website, then enter into your email address.
  • A code will be sent to you, enter the code.
  • Then you fill in your legal first name, legal last name, phone number & A strong password
  • After that, tap on Create Account.

With these steps, your sign-up is completed. You can now follow the prompt to set up your account.

How to Log in on Cowrywise

Logging in to your cowrywise account is pretty easy. But before you log in to your account, you are required to first create an account. Once you have created one, you can now follow these steps below to sign in to your account;

  • Visit the official website.
  • Locate and click on the login button.
  • Then on the login page, enter your email address.
  • Next, provide your password.
  • Then click on the sign-in button to enter your account.

How to Log Out on Cowrywise.

  • You go to settings and scroll down to locate the logout button.
  • Then click on it.
  • With that, you will be logged out of your account.

With the login and logout steps, you can sign in and out of your account whenever you want to. However, if you have forgotten your password or you are having login issues, you can click on the forgot password link, provide the required information, and follow the prompt to reset the password. Then you can now try signing into your account again with the new password.

How to Make Money on Cowrywise.

Is it possible to earn on Cowrywise? If yes, how? There are three distinct ways you can grow your wealth using Cowry Wise, and this section will elucidate these avenues for you. We strongly recommend that you read attentively to grasp the strategies for making money on Cowry Wise. So, without further ado, here’s how to make money on Cowrywise below;

Get Interested in Your Saving Plans

By saving with Cowrywise, you have the potential to earn more substantial interest than what traditional banks typically offer.

These interest rates are dynamic and tied to market performance, ensuring that you consistently receive your promised returns.

Cowrywise is known for its commitment to its users, ensuring that those who save and invest through its platform experience reliability and consistency. Rest assured, your money is kept safe and secure with them.

Get Returns On Your Investments (Mutual Funds Plans)

Cowrywise exclusively offers mutual funds as investment options, which are further categorized into moderate and aggressive funds.

Earn Through Referral Program

You can also earn on Cowrywise through their referral program, where you benefit from fee waivers. Simply refer a friend to use Cowrywise, and if they save or invest up to 5,000 naira, both you and your friend will receive a fee waiver on an investment transaction.

So, here are the ways you can generate income through Cowrywise. Once you have the app on your phone and understand the process, this article assures you that you can easily earn money using the methods mentioned above. Keep in mind that the amount you save or invest determines your interests or returns.

The above are the three ways by which you can earn on the platform. So, join Cowrywise today to save, invest, and earn as you go with any of the above-listed methods.

Cowrywise Customer Care

If you want to make an enquiry or make a complaint about Cowrywise services you can reach out to their customer care services. They are always available 24/7 and they are ready to attend to your questions that you have regarding Cowrywise. You can visit their official website at to get their customer care line.

How Long Does Cowrywise Withdrawal Take?

It takes up to 24 hours for you to withdraw from Cowrywise. Note that the value for sold units is also reflected in your stash between a day or two after sales, while the withdrawal to your bank account settles after a day.


Having covered all aspects of Cowrywise in this article, we sincerely hope you find it valuable and informative. Rest assured; you won’t be disappointed with what the platform has to offer. Their commitment is to assist millions of Africans in saving and investing wisely, and they place significant emphasis on financial education.

As part of the younger generation, we strongly encourage you to give it a try and witness the substantial rewards it can bring. Cowry Wise is dedicated to safeguarding you from fraudulent schemes. Take the step today and pave the way for a brighter future.


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