First Date Ideas – Best Ideas and Tips for First Date

Going on your First Date and then looking for nice ideas to make that day a remarkable and memorable one? Not to worry as I’ve got you covered on this one with the best First Date ideas. Firstly, what is the First Date? The First Date is an initial meeting during the dating processes of two people whereby an effort is made to ask each other questions and know more about each other plan a relationship and organize a romantic activity.

But can a first date go well without plans? No, I don’t think it would. So, if you want to make your first date that remarkable, you should check out First Date ideas in this article.

First dates on most occasions are filled with emotion, nerves, joy, and a lot of excitement. And how it goes would determine whether you would share the story with your pals. But you can agree with me that there’s great joy in sharing what had transpired between you and your date with your friends.

They would also share in your excitement and whine about your shy behavior and everything you would tell them. So now for you to have fun telling them how your date goes, you should make it that amazing. That you and your partner would be able to enjoy that day you guys have picked out to have fun as a couple.

First Date Tips (What to do on my First Date?)

For your first date, you might not be too sure about what to do for that day. But I’ll advise that you ask your partner stylishly about what he/she does for fun. You guys can then try that together. But if you want to surprise your partner on your first date, you can just set up dinner at a nice restaurant for both of you to dine together and then get to know your partner. If any of these doesn’t sound like nice First Date ideas, here are some other ideas and tips you can use below;

  • Cook together
  • Stroll together
  • Have breakfast together if you feel dinner is too much pressure
  • Play board games
  • Make deals
  • Hit up an arcade
  • Learn how to dance
  • Try out going for a run
  • Surprise your partner with gifts
  • Go for a karaoke or do it at home
  • Swim together
  • You can also do a drawing competition with each other
  • Go out for an outdoor concert
  • Watch movies together
  • Try out a bike ride then stop along the way for food or snacks to make it more fun
  • Go people and cars watching
  • Have a picnic
  • Visit an Aquarium

All the above listed are fun things to do on your first date. But if you don’t find any of this fun enough, you can ask your partner what she/he would love to do on that day.

Do not make decisions on your own and choose what is suitable for you as you might make your partner uncomfortable. Then that day might not end up going well as planned and desired by both of your couples.

First Date Ideas (Dos and Don’ts on a First Date)

You must have already chosen something to do for the date. And then you are 100% sure your partner would love the idea. While you are out on the date, there are certain things you should do and not do so as not to make your date uncomfortable.

All these things would be listed for you to help you out with having a successful date. So you can go through them and then have fun getting to know your partner. Here are some of the dos and don’ts on your first date below;

  • Talk about the present and not the past
  • Ensure you like the person, not necessarily for the idea of having a relationship
  • Do brush off sex talk
  • Be yourself
  • Feel comfortable and relax
  • Do not bring up your ex-talks
  • Don’t be rude to the staff.
  • Avoid checking your phone constantly or better still put your phone aside.
  • Be punctual.
  • Don’t come on too strong.
  • Avoid checking your appearance often.

Aside from the above-mentioned, there are so many other things you should avoid on your first date. But most importantly, whatever you think would make your partner uncomfortable, you should avoid it. Then after the date, you can now check up on your partner at home and have fun building your relationship. And if you want to share the experience with your friends, you can also do that and even help them in case they also want to go out on their first date.


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