Degrii Zima Pro – Robotic Pool Cleaner

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The Degrii Zima Pro is a brand-new cordless pool cleaner. Along with its ability to climb, the Degril Zima Pro leaves the walls spotless and also crawls over floors. This cordless pool cleaner is fit for all types of pools, and it also picks up the layout pretty quickly to enable it to scrub every corner of the pool.

Degrii Zima Pro - Robotic Pool Cleaner

Plus, with just a single click, it goes back to the surface after cleaning. Furthermore, because this pool cleaner is designed with ultrasonic radar technology, it can perform tasks that several pool cleaners can’t.

To top it all, this pool cleaner is cordless, which is an advantage because it lets the Degrii Zima Pro dive deeply into the pool and reach parts that seem impossible to clean. In addition, the Degrii Zima Pro battery, which is also enabled by a Wi-Fi connection, can be controlled through the mobile app.

The battery is connected to the pool cleaner’s 11.5″ cord, which is of course waterproof, allowing it to clean for up to 3.5 hours on a single charge. To avoid any interruption of the Wi-Fi signal, the Zima Pro Wi-Fi is situated in the floating power station of the pool cleaner. After cleaning, it parks automatically when it is time for a recharge.

Degrii Zima Pro Features

With its cordless design that allows it to dive deep into the pool to clean walls, corners, and stairs, Zima Pro is the future of pool cleaning. The features that make this pool cleaner unique are:

10,000 mAh Battery

The Degrii Zima Pro battery can last up to 3.5 hours on a single charge. The 10,000 mAh battery is housed by the floating power station, which is connected by the 11.5-foot waterproof cords that enable the battery to last for 5,000 feet of cleaning with just one charge.

Ultrasonic Radar

Ultrasonic radar analyzes the shape and size of your pool before it begins cleaning, and the Zima Pro does exactly that. With the ultrasonic radar, it can clean every corner, climb stairs, and even climb up walls to leave your pool spotless. It can also avoid hurdles such as stones and rocks.

250W Powerful Motor

The Zima Pro has a 250-watt durable brushless pump that can suck up any mess, such as leaves and rocks. In addition, the brushless motors can last very long and are more effective than other brushed motors.

Water Purification

Pools tend to accumulate lots of dirt that can be very hard to see. However, the Zima Pro spots all this dirt and cleans it. The Zima Pro has a filtration system that separates dirt by size and cleans it. It removes all odors and leaves your pool water crystal clear while cleaning the pools.


The Zima Pro is cordless, which enables the cleaner to go deep into the pool to clean the walls and other parts of the pool until they are spotless.

3.5 Hours of Cleaning Time

The 10,000 mAh battery enables the pool cleaner to last for up to 3.4 hours with just one charge.

Excellent 3D Path Planning

It scans the shape of your pool before it starts cleaning. It avoids every obstacle, too.

Fit for All Types of Pools

Whatever the size and shape of your pool, whether round, triangular, made of resin, or even made of wood, it isn’t too difficult for the Zima Pro. The Zima Pro can clean any type of pool, whether it is vinyl-lined or plaster-coated concrete.

The Zima Pro is eco-friendly and quite easy to maintain.  It also has a consistent Wi-Fi signal. This pool cleaner is the perfect fit for all pool types.

Zima Pro App

Zima Pro has a mobile app to monitor the pool cleaner. You can check the cleaning progress and the battery level. It also alerts the user when it is time to come out of the pool with just a click. The app also has several cleaning modes.

Furthermore, when the battery is low, Zima Pro parks next to the wall of the pool. When you’re finished cleaning, simply press the “Lift” button, and the pool cleaner will climb out of the pool.

In addition, you can also set your cleaning schedule. It allows you to create your schedule, which you can then edit. You can pick the schedule that fits you. The app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

How Much is Degrii Zima Pro?

Zima Pro isn’t too expensive when compared to other pool cleaners that can’t perform half of what Zima can. Zima Pro costs about $599 in several online stores. You can also preorder this pool cleaner online and get discounts. You can get the Zima Pro at online stores like Gadget Flow, Amazon, Kickstarter, and several others.

Is Degrii Zima Pro Worth Buying?

The Zima Pro is worth all the hype around it. This pool cleaner uses ultrasonic radar to scan the size and shape of the pool for proper cleaning, and once it is done, it climbs back to the surface.

It can also face every hurdle that it finds in the pool. It purifies the water, eliminates odors, and sucks up every bit of dirt, leaving your pool spotless. This pool cleaner has received many positive comments by reviewers and consumers who have tried the product.

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