Digital Secure App – Protection Across Your Devices

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Everyone needs an app that helps to safeguard their internet connection and personal data from ads, tracking, and viruses. And with the aid of the Digital Secure App for the mobile operating system, you can now protect your device at a very affordable price. The Digital Secure App is a product of Verizon for Android and iOS users that helps to protect your data protect your device from malware and a lot more. It is completely free to use the App for new customers and thereafter you will be charged $5 per line or $10 per month depending on your selected plan.

Digital Secure App - Protection Across Your Devices

Meanwhile, aside from your Mobile devices, Digital Secure can help to protect your home computer’s privacy and security. With the Digital Secure App, you can secure your personal information from hackers, avoid risky websites on the internet, and receive ID theft alerts. The App gives you 24/7 peace of mind as it helps to safeguard your devices from any online threats. Verizon Digital Secure App comes with security and privacy tools plus advanced protection which you will find helpful. It is even affordable to use plus as a new user your first subscription plan is on them.


Digital Secure App provides you with the utmost security and privacy your mobile or home computer needs. This can be seen in its features; the App comes with several amazing and beneficial features. Below are the Features of the app;

  • It provides you with security and privacy
  • Helps to protect your device from Malware and Viruses
  • The App helps to protect you from network threats
  • Provides identity theft protection
  • Secure Internet connection over Wi-Fi
  • It provides you with security guidance and tips from top security experts
  • Alerts you when apps are accessing your private information
  • System Checks

The aforementioned features are only a few of the many features you will get to enjoy when you start using the Digital Secure app on either your Android or iOS devices. And like I earlier mentioned, the App will provide you with top-notch features, and peace of mind is guaranteed. Check the next outlines for steps on how to download the App.

How to Download the Verizon Digital Secure App

Downloading the Digital Secure App on your Android or iOS devices is quite easy and simple. Meanwhile, the App comes preloaded on Verizon Android devices and it is located in your Verizon apps folder. But if you can’t find the App you will need to download the App from the Google Play store. Also, make sure your Android device is compatible as the Digital Secure App is compatible with Android 4.4+.  While for iOS users the app doesn’t come preloaded and you will need to download the App from the App Store but your device must be iOS 11 +. Follow the steps below;

Download for Android

  • From your Android home screen, tap to open your Google Play store
  • Tap on the search icon
  • Enter Digital Secure App and the result of your search will appear
  • If you don’t see the Digital Secure App, then your device is not compatible
  • Then, you will see any of the following options
  • Open: This means the app is already on your device and you can tap to open the app
  • Enable: while this means the app is on your device but has been disabled, tap on the button to enable the app and open the app
  • Install:  This means you need to download the App on your device. Click on the Install button to download the app and open the app afterward.

Digital Secure App Download for iOS

  • From your iOS home screen, tap to open the App Store
  • Tap on the search icon
  • Enter the App and click on the search
  • A result of your search will be provided, tap on the App from the result
  • Tap on the Get Icon

Finally, enter your password to download and install the App on your iOS device. Now you will need to sign up with Verizon Digital Secure to start using its services.

How to Sign Up for a Free Version of Digital Secure Using the App

As a new Verizon Digital Secure services user, you can sign up for a free version. You can easily sign up for a free version using the App on your device. To sign up as a free subscriber follow the steps and process below;

  • Open the App on your Mobile device
  • On the first screen tap on Continue to accept the terms and conditions
  • Tap Accept if you agree to the app permission needed

Finally, you will be provided with the option to subscribe to a premium version of Digital Secure, by clicking on Skip. Now, you have successfully signed up for a free version of Digital Secure. Whenever you need to subscribe to the premium plan, scroll down to your home screen tap on learn more after opening the app, and then click on subscribe to Digital Secure, select a plan, and follow the prompt. 

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