Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ogun State Nigeria

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Fun places to take my friends to in Ogun state Nigeria: Ogun state has some of the most interesting and fun destinations to visit when on holiday with friends. Whether you and your friends are visiting the state for the first time or short stay, take advantage and explore these places. Believe me, you would have lots of fun visiting these places with your friends.

Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ogun State Nigeria

Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ogun State Nigeria

There are plenty of tourist sites to visit in the state, nevertheless, we will list 12 places. Below are the top fun spots to visit with your squad in Ogun state, Nigeria:

1. Olomo Rock

Olomo Rock is one of the popular tourist attractions in Nigeria, which makes it a household name among Nigerians. If you and your friends have never visited this place, then here is a reminder for you. The rock is a historical monument that serves as a shelter for people during intercity wars. Ever seen a rock with elevators? No? You are in for a treat then.

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2. Centenary Hall Is One Of the Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ogun State Nigeria

Built in 1950, Centenary Hall is a monument that was upright to commemorate the peace which reigned in Abeokuta due to the absence of inter-tribal wars. It is an interesting place you would not like to miss out on. Visit here with your friends.

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3. Osurru Water Spring

Do you need a place to relax, reflect or have a picnic with your friends? Osurru Water Spring is a perfect destination. The water spring flows out from a rocky hill, drains down to a flat surface, and then goes into the valley. This is a very relaxing and calming spot you would absolutely enjoy visiting with friends. Go with your camera, so you can take beautiful pictures.

4. Abeokuta Museum

I don’t know about you, but museums are actually my favorite places to visit, maybe it’s because of my love for history and art. If you and your squad enjoy going to the museum, make sure to check out the Abeokuta Museum on your visit. It is a beautiful place to visit with lots of arts and artifacts telling the tale of Abeokuta, Nigeria, War Relations, etc.

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5. Alake Of Egbaland Palace Is One Of the Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ogun State Nigeria

This is the place where the first bible brought by the missionaries is kept. Also, the palace holds important cultural items. Alake Of Egbaland Palace is a place you should visit with your friends if you want to explore the art, culture, history, and tradition of the residents.

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6. Olowu Of Owu Palace

Another fun place in Ogun state, Nigeria to take your friends to is Olowu Of Owu Palace. The holds many historical arts, artifacts, and relics of the Olowus. Visit this educational ground, believe me, you will have a good time.

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7. Saam Health Farm And Holiday Resort

Located in Ajitele town, Saam Health Farm and Holiday Resort is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway. Take your friends here for a weekend hangout away from home. Whilst here, you can engage in some fun activities including swimming, fishing, horseback riding, boat riding, etc.

8. Lisabi Sacred Forest

This forest holds the history of a warrior. It is believed that Lisabi fought bravely and endlessly during the inter-tribal war between the Egba people and other tribes. It is also noted that the remaining warriors are still in the forest to date. Lisabi sacred forest is an interesting historical spot to visit with your friends.

9. Ebute Oni Tourist Beach Is One Of the Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ogun State Nigeria

If you are visiting Ogun state with your friends, I’d recommend you visit this place. There is a lodge on the beach guests can sleep overnight. Also, there are facilities and amenities to make your stay a good one. You should visit here with your friends today to relax and unwind.

10. June 12 Cultural Center

June 12 Cultural Center was built in remembrance of the activities that took place during the elections of June 12, 1993. It is a historical spot that you and your friends will enjoy visiting. On-site, there is a convention center, swimming, amusement park, and cinema. So, whatever kind of fun you and your friends are planning to have, chances are you’d get it here.

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11. Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library

To most people, this is a library where you can read books, but in reality, it is an archive of documents and presidential artifacts. More like a museum of sorts with historical information. Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library is an interesting place to visit with your friends. It is a nice place to learn about Nigeria’s history.

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12. Adonisplaza Paintball And Games Center Is One Of The Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ogun State Nigeria

For a thrilling experience with your friends, you should take them to Adonisplaza Paintball And Games Center. There are different fun games to play such as paintball, table tennis, virtual reality, PS4, snooker, etc.

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13. One Life Wonderland Amusement Park

This is yet another one of the fun places in Ogun State where you can take your friends. It is a hangout spot, and also a great destination for your kids. Believe me, you will have a wonderful experience here.

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Need a perfect relaxation spot to be around nature with your friends? OOPL WILDLIFE PARK is a nice spot offering that. This wonderful spot is considered one of the best animal conservatories in Nigeria.

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15. Funaab Zoo Park

Funaab Zoo Park is yet another one of the fun places to take your friends to in Ogun State. It’s a place to hang out with family and friends for picnics and visits, so believe me, you will have a great time.

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There you have our compiled list of fun places to check out with your friends in Ogun state, Nigeria. Got a question? Or perhaps you want to share an experience with us? Please use the box below.

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