Fun Places To Take My Kids To In Lekki

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If you clicked on this post, chances are; you are searching with the term “fun places to take my kids to in Lekki”. And you did right by clicking as we will be sharing some fun place suggestions to take your kids to. Believe it or not, there are plenty of fun places in Lekki for kids and to make your bucket list search easy, we have come up with a list of places.

Valentine’s is around the corner and still, it is a day to show love to loved ones, taking your kids out is a great idea. With that said, let’s show you our list.

Fun Places To Take My Kids To In Lekki


9 Fun Places To Take My Kids To In Lekki

On the search for fun places to take your children to in Lekki? Well, then our list below will interest you;

1. Dreamworld Africana

Dreamworld is a major park for kids’ fun. It is loaded with lots of fun rides and games including a rollercoaster, carousel, Ferris wheel, bumper cars, go-karts, arcade, bouncy castles, and many others. Also, there is a swimming area and water slides. Indeed, it is a dream world and your kids will love going there.

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2. Rufus and Bee Is One Of The Fun Places To Take My Kids To In Lekki

R&B is a game, arcade, restaurant, bowling alley, and sports bar wrapped in one. If you looking to let your kids have lots of fun, Rufus and Bee is the perfect place to take them. There is plenty of fun games to keep them entertained. Furthermore, it is very affordable.

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3. Funderland Mall

This fun mall is a great avenue for family relaxation and fun. Funderland offers a cool environment with a stunning architectural view and brings a different feel of entertainment for the whole family. Matter of fact, it is the perfect place for your kid’s great day. The mall offers plenty of fun games, a rock-climbing experience, pony rides, a swimming pool, slides, etc.

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4. Funtopia Water Park Is One Of The Fun Places To Take My Kids To In Lekki

Another perfect place to take your kids for a great day is Funtopia water park. As the name implies, it is a water park offering water slides, swimming areas, a games room, a bouncy castle, etc. To your children have fun and be kids, taking them here will be a great idea.

5. Fun Factory

Yet another fun place in Lekki to take your kids to is Fun Factory. It is mainly an outdoor fun place to enjoy a relaxed weekend with your kids. It offers outdoor slides, rides, etc. Just as the name implies, it is a place loaded with plenty of fun activities for the kids to enjoy.

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6. Lekki Conservation Centre Is One Of The Fun Places To Take My Kids To In Lekki

Parks are fun, how about you take them to Lekki Conservation Centre? Honestly, kids will enjoy the walk, sightseeing mother nature in all her glory and the animals. You can enjoy a quiet picnic with the kids or enjoy a canopy walk.

Also, there is a tree house to them. I bet they would enjoy seeing it in person. I mean they see tree houses in cartoons a lot, so, imagine their excitement seeing it in real life.

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7. MAXTIVITY – Family Entertainment Centre

MAXTIVITY is the ultimate destination to have fun with your kids. It is a great family hangout spot in Lekki. So, if you’re looking for a centre to have fun with your family, this is one of the spots I’d recommend.

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8. Froggles Play Zone

Froggles Play Zone is an amazing place to take the kids to and trust me, you will have a wonderful time as well. This is a good spot to let your inner child out. If you want your kids to have fun at their birthday parties, this is a good place to host them.

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9. Funzia World

Funzia World is a great fun place for the kids offering games and activities for different age ranges. The environment is neat and very safe for kids to be just kids and have fun. In short, it is a great place to bond with family.

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There is our list of fun places to take your kids to in Lekki. Hopefully, we have helped narrow down your search to make it easier for you to find fun spots for your kids. Got suggestions or recommendations? Use the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can kids play Lagos?

Here are some places for your kids to have fun in Lagos;

  • Nike Centre For Art and Culture
  • Lekki Conservation Centre.
  • Ikeja City Mall.
  • Silverbird Cinemas
  • The National Museum
  • Fun Factory
  • Dreamworld Africana
  • Funderland Mall

Are kids allowed at Lekki Conservation Centre?

Yes, kids are allowed to enter the Lekki Conservation Centre.

How much is Lekki Leisure Lake entrance fee?

Entry is free for kids below 10 years, one thousand naira for teens, and two thousand naira for adults.

How much does it cost to visit Nike Art Gallery?

No entrance fees.

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