Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Abu Dhabi

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Did you use the search term “fun places to take my wife to in Abu Dhabi” to come across this article? Fortunately, you are on the right article. Now, in this post, we will be making a list of some of the nice places in Abu Dhabi to visit with your visit, so, keep reading to find out.

Abu Dhabi is one of the top romantic destinations to go for a honeymoon or baecation. And if you are planning to take your wife there or already there, below you will find some fun and romantic places and things to do with your woman.

Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Abu Dhabi

12 Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Abu Dhabi

Without wasting your time, here is a list of fun places to take your wife to in Abu Dhabi:

1. Ferrari World

One of the best amusement parks in Abu Dhabi is Ferrari World. It’s a fun place to take your wife to and have a great time together. This is a great place to spend some time with your spouse, especially if you both share a love for adventure.

2. Dhow Cruise Can Be One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Abu Dhabi

This traditional Dhow cruise is a fun cruise that you will enjoy with your wife. It is regarded as one of the most romantic things for couples to do in Abu Dhabi. On the cruise, you can share a meal, or drink with your wife.

3. Umm Al Emarat Park

To spend time with your wife having fun in a serene and nature-filled scene, take your wife to Umm Al Emarat Park. This is an ideal destination to have a fun picnic and romantic stroll with your spouse.

4. Bord Eau

If you are planning to have a romantic dinner with your wife, then Bord Eau might just be the perfect place. It is an authentic French Restaurant priding itself in its assortment of artistically crafted delicacies. Have fun with your wife tasting different French meals at this restaurant.

5. Corniche Beach Can Be One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Abu Dhabi

Another place to take your wife to in Abu Dhabi is Corniche Beach. Take your wife here and take in Abu Dhabi’s stunning year-long sunshine. Now, while at the beach, you can visit any of the nice eateries for a quick bite.

6. Bounce

Have fun with your wife at Bounce. Bounce is a massive trampoline park offering sessions for people of different ages. Trust me, you will enjoy visiting here with your spouse because it is more fun when you visit.

7. Yas Island

Another fun entertainment place to visit with your wife is Yas Island. I don’t know about others, but this is the ideal place to have fun as a couple. Furthermore, it is the home to the biggest adventure spot in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World.

8. Horseback Riding At Bani Yas

So, your wife has never ridden horseback before? Well, then you should take her to Bani Yas. There are experts here to guide her through, or if you are an expert yourself, you can teach here. Believe me, you will have so much fun here.

9. Desert Safari At Jebel Hafeet Can Be One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Abu Dhabi

Seeking a new adventure with wifey? Well, try Jebel Hafeet Mountain Desert Safari. This desert park is a must-visit for loved ones looking to have fun. Aside from its many hiking trails, the park also offers camel and horse safaris.

10. Yas Mall

Yas Mall is likely one of the most popular shopping destinations in Abu Dhabi. Exploring this large mall with your wife can be quite fun. You can grab a quick bite at the mall.

Mangrove National Park

Mangrove national park is another fun place with various interesting activities to do with your wife. This is a real haven for nature lovers, so if your wife is one of the lovers of nature, then this is the place to take her.

11. Emirates Park Zoo

Being both a park and a zoo, this is home to an ever-growing number of exhibits. Take your wife to Emirates Park Zoo today and have fun watching animal shows, experiencing climbing adventures, and zip lining.

12. Emirates Palace Can Be One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Palace might just be one of the best places for couples seeking to enjoy a luxury dining experience. Take your wife here today to enjoy a mouthwatering and luxurious meal.


The list of fun places in Abu Dhabi is long, however, above in this article, we have listed 13 places to take your wife to. If there is a fun place you’d like to be on our list, please use the comment section below to let us know.

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