Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Jebel Ali

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If you clicked on this post using the “fun places to take my wife to in Jebel Ali” search term, you clicked right. In this post, we will be making mention some interesting destinations in Jebel Ali to visit with your spouse.

No doubt, there are plenty of places to take your wifey to in Jebel Ali, nevertheless, we will share a few of the places. Do well to let us know if there is a major spot, we missed in the comment box.

Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Jebel Ali

Top 10 Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Jebel Ali

Here’s our compiled list of fun places to take your friends to Jebel Ali:

1. Jebel Ali Beach

A peaceful, sandy beach to visit with your woman. Jebel Ali Beach is popular for its water sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and kitesurfing. Also, it is a great place to take pictures, so why not.

2. JA Beach Hotel Can Be One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Jebel Ali

JA Beach Hotel is a lovely hotel with excellent service. It is a great place to go unwind with space and fresh air. You should take your wife here for a good weekend. There is a wide range of activities, restaurants, and also wildlife to see. Believe you would get addicted to this place.

3. Sand Box, Jebel Ali

Enjoy an amazing experience with your wife in Sand Box. This is a great place to explore. You can almost find everything you need here. Also, you can take your wife to enjoy a decent meal at this spot.

4. Pursuit Games

A must-visit place. Pursuit Games is a good place to visit and have fun with your wife. There are many gaming activities to engage in here such as shooting, archery, trap shooting, football, cricket, and paintball. Try out new things with wifey here. Also, the staff is amazing and helpful here.

5. Reel Cinemas

This is the place to impress your partner, so you should take your wife here. See a movie, or head to the food court for a quick meal. Reel Cinema is excellent and you can eat while seeing your favorite movie with your favorite person. Isn’t that interesting? Believe me, your wife will enjoy visiting here with you.

6. Jebel Ali MiniGP Circuit Can Be One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Jebel Ali

For a wonderful experience with your woman in Jebel Ali, you should visit the MiniGP Circuit. It is one of the highly recommended places to visit. Also, customer treatment is fantastic. You and your wife will learn a lot while having fun.

7. Jebel Ali Recreation Club

A nice place to have fun with your woman. Jebel Ali Recreation Club is a fun and exciting destination to visit with your spouse. The restaurants are designed and nicely laid out. Treat your woman to enjoy a good meal at any of the restaurants. Also, the outside courtyard is lovely.

8. Watercooled @ JA Resorts Can Be One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Jebel Ali

If you want to have fun near or on the water with your wifey, Watercooled@ JA Resorts is where to go. You should visit here with your woman. Whether you want to learn, rent, or simply relax near the water, this is where to go. There are professional and qualified instructors on sight that will be ready to support and assist you in any way possible.

9. Soul Beach

Another beach in Jebel Ali to have a good time with your woman is Soul Beach. This place is super beautiful with flowers and white stones. You’d feel like you are in the Maldives. For a memorable beach experience with your woman, you should visit here.

The food here is delicious. Escape from the busy city and visit Soul Beach to explore and have fun with your spouse.

10. Jebel Ali Stables Can Be One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Jebel Ali

So, wifey is yet to ride on horseback? Jebel Ali Stables is where you should take her. Visit here the stables today and have a wonderful experience with your wife. This is a highly recommended fun place to see.


As stated earlier, Jebel Ali has plenty of fun places to visit, however, we listed just a few. Is there a place you would like for us to add to the list? What is your favorite spot in Jebel Ali? Please, let us know below.

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