Fun Places to Visit in California With Your Kids

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In California, there are many amazing places to visit and spend time with your kids. These places are fun and fantastic to visit. This is because these fun places to visit in California with your kids are designed and structured to create a better experience for kids.

Fun Places to Visit in California With Your Kids

While you are in California or taking a trip to California with your kids and you plan to spend a good time with them, there are different places you will love to visit. This article will assist you in identifying fun places to visit with your children in California.

Why do you need to know Fun Places to Visit in California with your Kids?

If you ever want to take your kids to a fun place in California, you must be aware of these locations. This will make everything easier for you. It will also give you a better chance at selecting a place your kids will love. Also, it makes booking tickets or making plans on what to do there easier and helps ensure a smooth outing.

Fun Places to Visit in California with Your Kids

As previously stated, there are a variety of places you can visit with your kids in California. This section of my write up only talks about 10 fun places you can visit in California with your kids. These places are called the best because of all the goodies that come with them. Below, these places are stated and explained.

Yosemite National Park A Fun Place to Visit in California

This park has over a hundred miles of hiking trails that weave past wildlife, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes. It also has gargantuan sequoia trees that children will love. It is a place where they get to learn about nature. This place is a California icon that has inspired artists and outdoorsmen for centuries.

At Yosemite National Park, you and your kids can camp, fish, swim, hike, and even take pictures. For your teenagers who enjoy physical challenges, they can climb to the top of Half Dome. Along the John Muri Trail, you can camp or do a multi-day hike at one of the central sites and explore.

These and so much more are what you can do at Yosemite National Park in California. Unfortunately, you can only visit this place when your kids are 18 and older.

Disney California Adventure A Fun Place to Visit in California

Another place you can visit in California with your kids is Disney California Adventure. This is an unrelated theme park that has seven different themed areas that are totally different from Disneyland. You can visit places such as Bug’s Land, Car Land, Hollywood Land, and Paradise in California.

But if your kids are a fan of Disney, Disney California Adventure is the best place to visit. Some of the activities you can do there include riding a rollercoaster with a 360-degree loop, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, and other fun rides.

There are also a lot of restaurants where you can get meals, a lot of themed areas, and characters to take nice pictures with. Well, Disneyland, as we all know, does not serve alcohol. Disney California Adventures has a section where parents can cosset.

However, your kids need to be at least 14 to come to this place. And they also need to reach the required height to get on rides.

Disneyland A Fun Place to Visit in California

Every child’s dream is to visit Disneyland. Kids will love to see their favorite Disney characters in real life, while parents will enjoy the sense of nostalgia that comes with it. Disneyland has a reputation for being a magical place where fun memories that families will never forget are created.

However, some of the things you can do at Disney Land include collecting autographs, riding on different classic Disney rides, and eating over-the-top carnival style food. You can also explore Fantasyland, Critter Country, Toontown, Tomorrowland, Sleeping Beauty Castle, and much more.

Also, you can stay until the night to see the nightly fireworks show that kids will enjoy watching. But your kids need to be at least 14 and have the required height to get on Disney rides.

Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most popular places you can visit in California is the Golden Gate Bridge. This bridge is a landmark that beautifully combines a picturesque view with a tinge of history about the state you are currently in.

This bridge has the best view of the waters. It’s also so beautiful that visitors can take pictures with it. The Golden Gate Bridge is called the Golden Gate because it just looks beautiful in orange against the spectacle of blue waters.

However, this bridge is very beautiful to look at. But you can still take a walk around the bridge, which is just a three-mile journey, or rent a bike. You can also decide to get a ferry under the bridge to get a stubby viewpoint of the iconic tourist hotspot or to avoid the crowd. As a result of all of these and more, you and your kids ages 5 and older will have a fun time visiting.

Living Desert

If your children enjoy going to the zoo and seeing different animals, the Living Desert is one of the best places to take them in California. Living Desert is a zoo and conservation site that allows children to gain knowledge about nature, wildlife, and its wonders. This desert is split into two sections: North America and Africa. These offer a close-up look at exotic desert animals and plants. At Living Desert, you can carry out different activities, such as taking pictures of different animals such as camels, jaguars, fennec foxes, giraffes, and many more.

You can decide to watch fun programs from the Tennity Amphitheater and even take a walk along the San Andreas Nature Trail. If you are an adventurous person, you can have a ride on a camel or feed a giraffe by hand. Using the shuttle ride, you can see an outline of the entire park and hop on and off as you want. However, your kids need to be at least 18 to visit this zoo. Also, kids at the age of 3 to 12 years are considered general admission.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park

For children to learn about and explore their appreciation for the natural world, this 300-acre park includes a museum, the Sundial Bridge, an arboretum, botanical gardens, and wildlife. This park prioritizes sustainability and playfulness as its central values.

At Turtle Bay, you can learn about micro-life at the nano exhibit, admire the arts at the exhibition of student art, and watch plants grow in real time at the “Rooted” feature. You can decide to take a walk along the nature trails, and inside the arboretum, you can take pictures.

However, there are many other things to see and do in this park, as well as science and art exhibitions that rotate throughout the year.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

This is yet another fun place to visit in California. Lassen Volcanic National Park is a wonderland with a volcanic gas vent, mud pots, and boiling pool. They are all powered by a deep hydrothermal system. If your kids love history, at this park, they will get to learn history about the volcano and observe its intense power.

In this park, you can take a walk along the trails past boiling and mud water, a boardwalk leading to the big boiler. You can also pretend to be a witch at the devil’s kitchen, with steam, boiling water, and mud.

Another interesting location is Boiling Springs Lake, where the bubbling lake can reach temperatures of over 125 degrees. At this park, you can spend a weekend journeying around the other-worldly geological features. However, children aged 5 and up are welcome to visit this park with an adult.

Legoland California

If your kids are a fan of Lego, Legoland is the best place to take them. At Legoland California, parents and children will enjoy expanding their imaginations. This is while playing with the army of hands-on activities in Legoland.

On the coast of California, a water park and aquarium are present. There are also themed areas such as Star Wars, Fun Town, Ninjago, Miniland, Castle Hill, and many more.

Some of the activities you can carry out at Legoland California include putting on a bathing suit and going on the water park rides, having a Legoland driver’s license at the race track, building something grand using your imagination, and admiring Lego sculptures built with millions of plastic bricks.

Another thing kids can do is play underwater instruments such as musical fountains and pipe organs. However, children aged 12 and up are permitted at Legoland California.

Universal Studios

Kids can get an actual look at the way their favorite movies are made. There are also working movie studios, sites, and rides that ignite imaginations.

At Universal Studios, kids can go on different rides, witness the behind-the-scenes of different movie setups, catch a glimpse of Hollywood’s hottest stars, and learn how to do movie setups.

They can take a glimpse at some of the most popular Disney shows now, such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and even watch King Kong take down skyscrapers in 3D. Fortunately, children aged 3 and up are welcome to join in the fun with their parents.

Knott’s Berry Farm

This is a 160-acre amusement park that has every type of rollercoaster, water ride, holiday celebration, live entertainment, rides for children, and thrill rides. Kids who are huge fans of old cartoons will have the opportunity to meet Snoopy.

Well, at Knott’s Berry Farm, you can ride on one of the rollercoaster’s or suspenseful thrill rides, take a photo with Snoopy, chow down on boysenberry pie and drumsticks, and also get wet on any of the water rides. There are sections for children of various ages. Older kids will love to go on the fast rides. The younger ones will have a great time at Camp Snoopy. However, only kids between the ages of 5 and 18 can visit Knott’s Berry Farm.

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