Truck Driving Companies Hiring – With Visa Sponsorship To USA

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Looking for an international job? In this blog post, we will be looking at the best truck driving job opportunities for and the companies hiring with visa sponsorship. How do I apply for immigrant sponsorship as a truck driver? Here, you will learn how to apply for truck driver immigrant sponsorship, the top available positions to apply for, and much more.

Truck Driving Companies Hiring - With Visa Sponsorship To USA

In the meantime, truck driving companies are one of the lucrative industries in the transportation sector. But not without its challenges. Research shows that there are about a thousand job openings for foreign truck drivers in countries such as the UK, Canada, and the United States.

This is because there is a high demand for truck drivers in these countries. To curb the shortage of truck drivers, truck driving companies, especially in the UK, Canada, and the USA, are currently offering foreign truck drivers free visa sponsorship. With a valid driver’s license, working experience, and a high school diploma, you can qualify for an immigrant sponsorship from some of the top truck driving companies globally.

However, searching for the best and top truck-driving companies can be overwhelming. This is because there are hundreds of truck driving companies hiring to choose from. With our list of truck driving companies with sponsorship, you can select the best company to apply for a truck driving job with today.

Truck Driving Companies Hiring With Visa Sponsorship in USA

After carefully researching, we have compiled the top truck companies across the world offering immigrant visa sponsorship. You can check out the outline of the top companies to apply for an immigrant sponsorship,

J.B Hunt Transport Services

Founded in 1961, J.B. Hunt Transport Services is a well-known and reputable truck-driving company that offers immigrants free visa sponsorship to work and stay in countries and regions where their services are available. Immigrants searching for sponsors can apply for a truck driver job at J.B. Hunt Transport Services and gain access to free visa sponsorship.

Also, working for J.B. Hunt provides you access to other benefits such as health coverage, dental and vision coverage, retirement savings plans, and much more. To apply for a sponsorship with this company, you will need a valid driver’s license. You also need past truck driver experience, advanced knowledge of truck driving, traffic rules, and other required documents. 

TFI International Truck Driving Company Hiring

TFI International is another top truck-driving company based in Canada that offers visa sponsorships to immigrants. The company works in Mexico, Canada, and the United States of America. It was first established in the year 1957. 

Reviews show that TFI International is one of the best places to work. And this is because of the amazing benefits offered by the company. You can obtain visa sponsorship by applying for a truck driver job at TFI International. However, you will meet the requirements and eligibility to access their visa sponsorship.

Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation also offers eligible and qualified truck drivers from different parts of the world immigrant sponsorships. You can apply for a free visa sponsorship with Swift Transportation using your correct information and documents. 

Your name, active email address, mobile number, school certificate, and other documents are required to apply for a truck driver job with Swift Transportation.

CRST International Truck Driving Company Hiring

CRST International is another company based in the United States of America that offers immigrant sponsorships to eligible truck drivers. Immigrants from various parts of the world can work and stay in the United States.

Also, they have the chance to enjoy a wide range of benefits such as health coverage, dental and vision coverage, an attractive source of income, and more.

YRC Worldwide

YRC Worldwide was first established in 1929 in North America and is one of the most popular trucking companies in North America. The company offers eligible and qualified applicants immigrant sponsorships, regardless of their location. You can apply for a truck driver job for any position of your choice, and you can start your application online.

FedEx Corp

Fed EX Corp is a popular trucking company founded in America and it specializes in transportation and e-commerce. It was founded in 1971 and has thousands of employees from across the world. The company is currently offering immigrant visa sponsorships to stay and live in the United States permanently. You can qualify for the FedEx Corp with credentials and documents such as a valid driver’s license, two years of experience, a high school diploma, and more.

Werner Enterprises Truck Driving Company Hiring

Werner Enterprise is a trucking company as well as a logistics company that offers truck drivers immigrant sponsorships. It is among the companies, that have the largest number of employees that, despite this, still require more truck drivers. You can apply for an immigrant sponsorship with Werner Enterprises if you have a valid driver’s license, advanced knowledge of truck maintenance, traffic rules, and other qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Visa Sponsorship

Visa sponsorship means a sponsor is endorsing your application for a visa to work and stay in a particular country. They are also agreeing to be accountable for you and your behavior while you are abroad. In essence, the sponsor is pleading with the government on behalf of the visitor to be permitted access. You can apply for or get a visa sponsorship or an immigrant sponsorship from an employer, the government, or any reputable organization.

Truck Driving Job Title and Positions to Apply for

  • Flat Bed Drivers
  • Tanker Drivers
  • LTL Freight Drivers
  • Local or regional drivers
  • Muskeg tractor operator
  • Explosives truck driver
  • Gravel Hauler
  • Long-distance truck driver
  • Long haul Driver
  • Mobile cement mixer driver
  • Mobile concrete mixer driver
  • Low-bed semi-trailer driver
  • Moving truck driver
  • Moving van driver

 How to Apply for Immigrant Sponsorship

On the contrary, the steps and guidelines for applying for truck driver immigrant sponsorship depend on the country you would like to migrate to as well as the company you are applying for a truck driver job with. Each country has its own guidelines and processes that each applicant must follow before applying and getting approved to work in that country. The documents and qualifications vary from country to country.

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