Gumtree Cars For Sale – How to Buy and Sell Cars on Gumtree

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Are you looking forward to buying a new vehicle or do you have a vehicle that you want to put up for sale?  If yes, why not consider visiting Gumtree as it has tons of cars available for sale. On Gumtree, you can buy and sell cars within a twinkle of an eye.

Gumtree Cars For Sale - How to Buy and Sell Cars on Gumtree

Although Gumtree is an all-around platform, reports have disclosed that those who mostly use this website are car buyers and sellers. What can of car do you want to sell or buy that you think you cannot get on Gumtree? Gumtree has numerous vehicles available in stock for you. Is it a hatchback, saloon, convertible, or MPV? You’ll get them on this platform.

Selling your car on Gumtree is pretty easy and free. One good thing about Gumtree is that it allows users to sell any kind of vehicle. Thus, giving room to tons of potential buyers. Not only can you sell used cars on Gumtree, but you can also sell second-hand cars, used cars, automatic cars, classic cars, and cheap cars.

As a buyer, you can also find any type of car tailored to your choice. Maybe you’re looking for a car under 30,000, and you find it here. Get vintage cars for sale, Gumtree Toyota Hilux, Ford Fiesta, Range Rover, Toyota Yaris, Mercedes, Jeep Wrangler, BMW, Toyota Land Cruiser, and other world’s most used cars.

Why Should I Use Gumtree for Car Sales?

There are several reasons why you should sell second-hand or new cars on Gumtree. If you are a private seller, this platform is best recommended for you because you can list your car for free. Besides, selling on Gumtree comes with a lot of perks.

  • Gumtree partnered with award-winning vehicle history experts, HPI, to provide a vehicle history report on every car on its platform.
  • An easy and quick way of selling your car online.
  • Stand top in the market and draw potential buyers in.
  • You don’t have to be an expert photographer before you can take good pictures for your car ad.

Above all, you can sell any type of car. Is it a used or second-hand car? A lot of people who can’t afford a new car are looking for a used one. And on this platform, you can get them sold.

How to Sell Your Cars on Gumtree

Do you know hundreds of thousands of people visit Gumtree Cars and it’s free to list your vehicle? Whatever the value, one car at a time, and it is super easy to do. Take some interior and exterior photos to capture specific details as well. Click the post ad button at the top of the page.

  • Select I’m selling my vehicle and put the car model and year clearly in the title of the listing. 
  • Give a good description mentioning the car’s condition which includes kilometers traveled, condition of the car features [Bluetooth connectivity, parking sensors], and any modifications.
  • Then prove to buyers that the vehicle won’t come with a pleasant surprise such as outstanding finance. You can purchase a car record report and as an option, you can quickly upgrade your ad by buying featured packages designed to make your ad receive more views.

So, if you’re looking to sell your cars, you should head to Gumtree to do that. Make your vehicle available on one of the biggest private motors marketplaces in the United Kingdom. Mind you, you must have a Gumtree account before you can sell your vehicle on Gumtree.

How to Buy a Car on Gumtree

Buying a car on Gumtree is pretty easy. One thing I love about Gumtree when it comes to buying cars is that you can choose the price range of the car that you want to buy. In other words, there is nobody who cannot buy a car on Gumtree. Sellers upload different types of cars for potential buyers. Even if you can’t afford a new car, you can get a second-hand car. To buy a car on Gumtree, follow the guidelines below;

  • Visit on your web browser or visit use this link for quick access.
  • Select the car type or maker in the first in the Make section. Let’s assume you are buying a Toyota brand. Select Toyota from the car list.
  • Then choose the car model. Click on Select Model and tap ‘’Select Model’’. You will see all Toyota models in this section. Cars like Avensis, Tundra, Land Cruiser, Camry, Corolla, Hiace, Hilux, and the like.
  • Now pick the price range of the car you want to purchase.
  • Enter a postcode or location.
  • Having done that, click on the ‘’Search Cars’’ link.

On the next page, you will see different types of cars available for sale depending on the car model you choose. Browse through the extensive list of cars and select your preferred car once found. You will see a brief description of the car such as fuel type, engine power and size, top speed, brochure size engine, fuel consumption, fuel capacity, and many others. You can contact the seller by dialing the number displayed on the page. Likewise, you will see the vehicle history to ensure guidance. Better still, you can check all the details before buying.

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