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Are you looking for hangout spots in Ikeja? Aside from the rowdiness and bustling of Ikeja, there are chill places where you can have a quiet moment, hang out, or hold meetings. Of course, there are also places where you and that special someone can have a romantic time together. It’s a common belief among people that Lagos Island has many classy places, the truth is, yes.

Hangout Spots In Ikeja

Ikeja also has plenty of classy hangout spots, and in this article, you will find a list of some places. Below are some unique and classy spots in the city to hangout;

Seven Eagles Spur

Seven Eagles Spur is a perfect spot for enjoyment and refreshing chilled creamy drinks and cupcakes. Located inside the Ikeja City Mall, it is one of the unique spots to relax, unwind, chill, and hang out with your partner or friends. If you’re a fan of creamy drinks and cupcakes, you don’t want to miss this spot.

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Rhapsody, GRA Ikeja

Rhapsody’s is a nice place to hang out with friends, lovers, or colleagues if you’re a cocktail lover. It offers a good blend of delicious meals and well-made cocktails to help you relax. Plus, the ambiance is outstandingly relaxing, so, you’ll have a good time dining and sharing drinks with your favorite people.

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Blackwood Grills and Bar

Another hangout spot in Ikeja is Blackwood Grills and Bar. It is one of the cool places to hang out with friends or colleagues after a stressful day. Situated in a good environment with great ambiance, coupled with the delicious menu, trust me, you’ll revisit. This is one of the spots to add to your checklist if you’re in Lagos and looking for good spots to simply relax and enjoy yourself.

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The Orchid Bistro

If you’re in Ikeja and looking for a good spot to relax in serenity, then you should check out the Orchid Bistro. It is a perfect spot for a quiet hang out with friends, alone, or partner. Trust me, you will have a lovely experience here. Aside from the pricey meals (totally worth it), it is a good serene venue to relax and enjoy.

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A cool spot to enjoy a simple meal and drinks. SIDEWALK LOUNGE & BAR is one of those simple, yet relaxing spots to hang out and eat. You should try the catfish pepper soup and thank me later. Plus, it is a good location for hanging out with your friends.

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Ocean Basket, Ikeja GRA

Ocean Basket is one of the hangout spots in Ikeja. It is perfect for both romantic dates and friendly hangouts. This is one of the venues you don’t want to miss out on. If you’re visiting with your lover or friend, try the Seafood platter for two. I’d recommend Ocean Basket for seafood lovers.

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Ndubuisi Park

For a group hangout with friends or family, Ndubuisi Park is a good spot to consider. It is a very cool venue to have a picnic with family or friends. Plus, there’s a basketball court to try out your skills in the sport.

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Cubana Hut & Grill

Cubana Hut & Grill is a good destination for group hangouts, solo dates, and celebrations. Situated in the heart of Ikeja city, it is one of the hangout spots in the city. The ambiance is pleasant. Wait time for food can be very annoying, but the food is worth it. Treat yourself out and enjoy a good meal here.

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Dodo Pizza, Ikeja City Mall

Craving Pizza? Visit Dodo Pizza inside Ikeja City Mall. Dodo Pizza is a modern-style outlet for pizza and other food classes. It is one of the best spots within the mall to enjoy a yummy pizza. Take yourself to enjoy some alone time, or pizza date with your special someone.

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Iyeru Okin Restaurant

Highly recommended for a date or hangout. Iyeru Okin Restaurant is one of the nice places in Ikeja to enjoy a great meal in a serene atmosphere. Plus, it is one of the buffet restaurants on the mainland offering all-you-can-eat. The restaurant serves an array of dishes including local dishes, vegetarian meal options, pastries, etc.

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La Mango Restaurant and Lounge Ikeja GRA

This is another destination to hang out in Ikeja. La Mango Restaurant and Lounge is located in Ikeja GRA. A contemporary multi-cuisine eatery & events space with a garden seating area, rooftop terrace & pool. Trust me, you will love it here.

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Bungalow Restaurant Ikeja

The Bungalow Restaurant is a good spot to hang out during the day and a spectacular spot at night. It is one of the best places to hang out in Ikeja, Lagos. So, if you’re looking for where to hang out with friends in Ikeja, be sure to check this place out.

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Bamboo Lounge and Guest House

Bamboo Lounge and Guest House is another good spot, especially for weekend hangouts with friends. It is a serene, calm, and beautiful spot to relax, unwind and have a wonderful time.

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Though the nice hangouts spots in Ikeja are many, there is our list. Are you now convinced that you don’t have to leave the mainland to have a good time? Where is your favorite place? Tell us your thoughts below.

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