How to Cancel Flight on Delta

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Can I cancel my Delta Air Lines flight and how do I go about it? If you have booked a flight with Delta Air Line and, for one reason or the other, you need to cancel or change your flight. Perhaps you don’t know how to go about it, no need to worry. Read through this write-up for detailed information on how to cancel your flight on Delta Airlines.

How to Cancel Flight on Delta

Meanwhile, Delta Airlines is one of the major and most popular airline companies in the United States of America. It is also among the leading airline companies that offer domestic and international travel, airline tickets, and flights to more than 3000 destinations in 60 countries.

Delta Airlines also makes it possible for its customers to cancel or change their flights without hassle. Even with the pandemic which is currently shaking the travel industry, Delta Airlines allows you to change and cancel your flight using their official website or mobile app.

This means you don’t need to speak to a representative before canceling your flight. You can simply cancel your Delta Air Lines flight by visiting or downloading Fly Delta on your Android or iOS device.

You can cancel your flight before 24 hours. However, you will need to meet the Delta Flight Cancellation Policy and Conditions. Also, you will need to change your flight before your travel date.

Delta’s Flight Cancellation Policy

In this section of the article, we will be discussing Delta’s flight cancellation and change policies. For you to understand Delta Airlines’ policy, you must first understand what fare restrictions exist based on ticket type. Based on our research, the three main policies include basic economy, nonrefundable, and refundable.

Firstly, the Basic Economy Ticket can be canceled within 24 hours of booking without any charges. It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t change your Basic Economy ticket after 24 hours of purchase or within 24 hours of departure.

On the other hand, the nonrefundable ticket is divided into two categories. They include nonrefundable tickets for travel originating in North America and travel originating outside of North America.

Meanwhile, the non-refundable ticket for travel originating outside of North America doesn’t come with cancellation charges for cancellations made within 24 hours of booking. However, any cancellation made after 24 hours of booking and within 24 hours of flight departure attracts a cancellation fee of $200-$500.

Lastly, the refundable or flexible ticket comes with no charge for cancellations made within 24 hours of booking. And you will get a refund for cancellation after 24 hours of booking and within 24 hours of flight departure.

How to Cancel or Change Your Flight on Delta

As previously stated above, you don’t need to speak to a representative to help you cancel your Delta Air Lines flight. You can conveniently and comfortably change or cancel your flight using the mobile app or by visiting the official website. Here are the step-by-step guidelines to follow:

1. Find Your Confirmation Number

The first step to canceling or changing your Delta Air Lines flight is to locate your confirmation number for the original booking. This will enable a search for your trip on Delta.

To find or locate your confirmation number, find your flight receipt and find the email that applies to the trip you would like to change or cancel on Delta. The confirmation number is at the top of the email address below the Delta logo and your full name.

2. Locate Your Trip Using the Mobile App or Visit

The next step is to locate your trip and this can be done by visiting the official website at or downloading the mobile app.

On the homepage, click on “MY TRIPS”. Then you will be prompted to enter your confirmation number, credit or debit card number, ticket number from your flight receipt email, and lastly, your first and last name. Then, click on “next,” and this will take you to another page.

3. Tap on Modify Flight

After you have entered the required details and information on the “My Trips” page, you will be directed to another page. On this page, click on “MODIFY FLIGHT”. Then click on “Change or cancel flight”. Once you have selected either change or cancel a flight, you will be taken to another page.

4. Start Your Delta Flight Cancellation

To change a flight, click on “Start Flight Change” and select the flight you would like to change. Click on ”View New Flight Options” and follow the on-screen instructions. Meanwhile, to cancel a flight, click on “Start Flight Cancellation”.

Then carefully follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Note; make sure to check your flight details and confirm that you would like to cancel the flight before tapping on “Cancel Trip”.

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