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Where are some Indiana fun places? Planning a trip to the state? Well, keep reading to find out some of the fun places, and activities in Indiana. Indiana is a state that’s often overlooked when it comes to tourism and travel, but Hoosier State has a lot to offer. From bustling cities to the serene countryside, Indiana has a diverse range of fun and exciting places to explore.

Indiana Fun Places

What may be your reasons for visiting Indiana? Whether you love rugged natural trails or finger-licking sugar cream pies or want to see famous places like Notre dame up close and more, Indiana is where to go.

No matter what your reasons might be for visiting, you will find abundant things to see and also fun things to do within the state.

15 Fun Places in Indiana

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of Indiana’s fun places.

1. Indianapolis

As the capital and largest city in Indiana, Indianapolis is a vibrant metropolis with plenty of places to see and do. One of the city’s top attractions is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the famous Indy 500 race. But Indianapolis has much more to offer than just auto racing. The city is also home to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, which is the largest children’s museum in the world. Additionally, there are many other museums, art galleries, and parks to explore in Indianapolis.

2. Bloomington

Bloomington is a college town, and home to Indiana University. The campus is beautiful and has many interesting buildings to explore. One of the top attractions in Bloomington is the Monroe Lake Recreation Area, which offers a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and boating. Bloomington is also known for its thriving arts scene, with many galleries, theaters, and music venues to check out. This is one of the Indiana fun places to visit.

3. French Lick

This place is located in southern Indiana, French Lick is a charming small town that’s known for its historic hotels and casinos. The French Lick Resort and the West Baden Springs Hotel are two of the most popular places to stay in the area. Both hotels have a rich history and have been beautifully restored. Additionally, French Lick is home to the French Lick Scenic Railway, which offers scenic train rides through the surrounding countryside.

4. Brown County State Park

Located in southern Indiana, Brown County State Park is one of the most beautiful natural areas in the state. The park features rolling hills, forests, and streams, and is a great place to go hiking, camping, or fishing. There are also several cabins and lodges in the park, making it a great place to stay for a weekend getaway.

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5. Fort Wayne

Located in northeastern Indiana, Fort Wayne is a city that’s full of surprises. One of the top attractions in the city is the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, which is consistently rated as one of the best children’s zoos in the country. Additionally, there are many other museums, parks, and cultural attractions to explore in Fort Wayne.

6. Indiana Dunes National Park

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, the Indiana Dunes National Park is a stunning natural area that’s home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the state. The park features dunes, forests, wetlands, and prairies, and is a great place to go hiking, birdwatching, or swimming. There are also several campgrounds in the park, making it a great place to stay for a weekend getaway.

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7. South Bend

Located in northern Indiana, South Bend is a city that’s steeped in history and culture. One of the top attractions in the city is the University of Notre Dame, which is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Additionally, there are many other museums, parks, and cultural attractions to explore in South Bend.

8. Santa Claus

Located in southern Indiana, Santa Claus is a charming small town that’s known for its Christmas-themed attractions. The town is home to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, which is one of the top amusement parks in the country. Additionally, there are many other Christmas-themed attractions in the town, such as Santa’s Candy Castle and the Santa Claus Museum.

9. Kissing Bridges

Kissing Bridges is one of the Indiana fun places to visit. It is one of the main tourist spots with lots of fun sights and activities to offer. Curious about the name, yeah? Well, it’s named the Kissing Bridges because it was one of the few places courting couples could find privacy many years ago. Today, it is a tourist spot for travelers, locals, and tourists to visit.

10. Kesling Wetland and Farmstead

If you’re looking for a nice spot to be around Nature, Kesling Wetland and Farmstead is a where to go. The best times to visit this place are when it is sunset and sunrise due to the spectacular views it offers. Plus, it is one of the Indiana fun places to visit with your friends and family.

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11. Market Street Catacombs

Market Street Catacombs is a perfect place for anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind experience in the state. If you’re curious about what you will be doing here, well for starters you can explore the underground maze. While there are no paranormal sights here, travelers or visitors can still adore the views of these ruins. It is one of the Indiana fun places to see on your next trip.

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12. Bluespring Caverns

Looking for where to explore? Up for some exciting things in Indiana? Bluespring Caverns is where to visit. There are many wonders to be explored here. Not only does this Caverns feature grand limestone caves, but it is also home to albino and blind wildlife. At this venue, you can admire the beauty of nature.

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13. Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie is one of the many museums in Indiana to visit and is a must-see if you’re visiting the state. I will recommend going here with your family, as it is tailored towards family fun. Combining culture, science, and history, Conner Prairie details Indiana’s cultural and natural heritage. This is done through an interactive experience, so don’t forget to interact with the museum’s knowledgeable costumed interpreters.

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14. Prophetstown State Park

Another lovely park to visit in the state for outdoor fun is Prophetstown State Park. It is the newest state park, however, it is one of the most visited. This state park offers a range of interesting activities for you and your family. While at the park, make sure to visit the Aquatic Center. Plus, there are hiking trails good for all levels at the confluence of the Wabash Rivers.

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15. White River State Park

Featuring some of the best fun activities in an urban state park, White River State Park is a must-see. You can wander around the park and see some of Indianapolis’ most famous sights such as the Military Park, White River, and Indianapolis Zoo. If you’re up for something more active, you can go hiking, kayaking, or boating.

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Other Indiana Fun Places

These are some other fun places in Indiana to go to;


There you have our list of some Indiana fun places to see on your visit to the state. We hope you find this piece helpful. For more, you can check out our website. Don’t forget to bookmark it. Thank you for reading.

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