LinkedIn Polls – Understand Trends and Opinions

Getting people’s opinions on your content is the best. It gives you an insight into people’s perspectives on the content. In this article, I’ll be introducing you to the LinkedIn polls where you can post topics and articles. After posting polls you will be able to view the members that have seen them, and you will also get the chance to interact with them.

LinkedIn Polls - Understand Trends and Opinions

LinkedIn polls help to understand trends and opinions. All you have to do is post a poll and members will vote. You can see the visibility of your polls. You will also be able to view the number of members that have voted and how each person voted. It helps you to see the percentage of members on LinkedIn that have viewed your polls.

LinkedIn polls are a feature on LinkedIn that helps you initiate conversations with other members by posting topics in different sessions that require them to give their perspectives on the posts. With linked posts, you can post questions with different choices of likely answers for viewers to choose their opinions. With this, you can get future topics. Also, you can post a small business to see the viewers’ opinions.

Benefits of LinkedIn Polls?

You should use LinkedIn because of its amazing features and benefits. Creating a poll allows the creation of more polls in the future. It improves your content-creating ideas. I will be giving you reasons why you should use LinkedIn.

  • For Business Ideas: You can ask your respondents for business tools, courses, and marketing ideas. In addition, it is an effective method for market research.
  • It promotes conversation with respondents: After posting the poll, you get to initiate more conversation with viewers. You can also get more clients from this platform.
  • It helps in making decisions on valuable things: One of the advantages of creating a poll is that it helps you find people’s opinions on certain issues, and answers to your questions can be birthed from them.

The LinkedIn poll allows you to connect with other professionals in different fields. As mentioned earlier, getting the opinions of these professionals widens your knowledge of other aspects of life. Also, for the business poll, after creating your poll, other higher professionals will want to invest in you and your business.

How Do LinkedIn Polls Work?

LinkedIn polls provide a quick and easy way to engage with other users on LinkedIn, where they can also be shared.

A member can only vote once, pending the time that the poll will close. If a member removes their vote before the poll is closed, he or she can vote again provided that the poll has not closed. A poll cannot be opened again after it has been closed.

You will not be allowed to create sensitive polls. Poll authors should not ask any sensitive questions. LinkedIn has its own Do’s and Don’ts and they must be strictly adhered to. One of the don’ts is to not create sensitive polls like politics, race, ethnic religion, or any other thing defined by the law. When offensive polls are posted, they are reported and the content is removed.

How to Create Polls on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn poll can be created on any device. And you also need to have a LinkedIn account to access the LinkedIn poll. To create a poll on LinkedIn, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your LinkedIn home page.
  • Click on ”post”.
  • After that, scroll down and tap ‘’create polls’’.
  • In the create a poll box, type your questions.
  • Fill in the options next.
  • You can fill in a minimum of two questions and a maximum of four questions.
  • You are also allowed to add another option.
  • Select your pull duration. You have the duration of 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, and 2 weeks.
  • The default duration is one week; click done after that.
  • Click the edit icon to edit the poll.
  • After that, choose who you want to share the post with.
  • Lastly, click “post.”

You can add more to your polls in the “What do you want to talk about” field, but it is optional. You can also create hashtags to gather responses from other social media apps like Twitter, which must be related to your topics. LinkedIn polls promote you in different ways. Post a poll and be thankful for the audience LinkedIn will provide you with.


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