Linkedin Premium Cost – Unlock The Power of Linkedin

Linkedin Premium Cost – Why should I use LinkedIn Premium or what does LinkedIn Premium get you? If you have a LinkedIn account, chances are that you will know that some features on LinkedIn require a subscription. The world’s largest network for professionals is a platform that mainly exists for job seekers and businesses to promote their brands.

Linkedin Premium Cost - Unlock The Power of Linkedin

In the meantime, LinkedIn offers two different accounts – basic [free] accounts and a premium account which can be used free for a month. When you sign up for LinkedIn, you’re given a free account that you can use to connect with other users, receive unlimited messages, and many more.

Function Of LinkedIn Unlock

On the contrary, the LinkedIn free account does not unlock all the features on LinkedIn for you. LinkedIn Premium was introduced to allow users to do more on the LinkedIn website and app. Free things are limited to some things but a paid version allows you to do more.

Thus, if you have a LinkedIn account and you want to develop your professional skills, grow your network, find more leads, effectively, and enjoy advanced features on LinkedIn, you should opt for LinkedIn Premium today. Mind you, you must have a LinkedIn account before you can start using the paid version of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Premium Benefits

Millions of LinkedIn users use the premium to get the most they want out of LinkedIn. When you go premium, you will enjoy amazing and enthralling features that the free plan won’t offer you.

Although the basic account allows you to see your profile viewers in the past 90 days, you won’t see the viewer trends and insights. You will only see where your profile viewer works, where they found your profile, and their job title.  

Meanwhile, LinkedIn offers a variety of premium accounts that users can choose from based on what they need. Hence LinkedIn Premium offers the following benefits;

  • A premium career helps you to stand out and get in touch with hiring managers. See how you compare to other applicants and learn new skills to advance your career.
  • A sales navigator professional helps you unlock sales opportunities like finding leads and accounts in your target market. It also gets you real-time insights for warm outreach and building trusted relationships with customers and prospects.
  • The business plan helps you find and contact the right persons, promote and grow your business as well as learn new skills to enhance your professional brand.
  • Recruiter lite helps you build relationships with prospective hires.

LinkedIn Premium is best recommended for those who intend to grow their professional network and generate more leads. You can opt for any of the premium plans while upgrading your account.

LinkedIn Premium Cost

Before you start using a paid service, it is good to know how much it costs. LinkedIn offers four different paid membership plans. The four plans are premium career, premium business, sales navigator professional, and recruiter lite. Hence, the premium cost or price varies depending on the plan you select. And each plan comes with its respective features and benefits.

Nevertheless, LinkedIn offers users a one-month free trial. After your free trial elapses, your membership plan will automatically renew. You will begin to pay for the services either monthly or annually depending on the plan you choose.

The LinkedIn premium career costs about $39.99 / month, or $239.88 if you pay for an entire year upfront. Linkedin Premium business costs $59.99 per month or $577.88 if you pay annually. The sales navigator costs $79.99 or $779.00 if you pay annually. While a recruiter costs $119.95 per month or $1,194.40 annually.

Can I Cancel my LinkedIn Subscription?

Definitely Yes. Cancelling LinkedIn premium is possible anytime. You can cancel the plan before the one-month free trial period comes to an end. Moreover, LinkedIn will remind you seven days before your free trial ends. If you don’t cancel you will have to pay depending on the plan you opt for. To cancel your LinkedIn subscription;

  • Launch the LinkedIn app or visit the LinkedIn website on your device browser.
  • Click on the Me icon at the top of your homepage.
  • From the dropdown, click on ‘’Access My Premium’’
  • Tap the ‘’Manage premium account’’ button on the right side.
  • This will redirect you to your premium subscription.
  • Click ‘’Cancel Subscription’’ under ‘’Manage Subscription’’

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the cancelation of your subscription plan. Know that you can only cancel your LinkedIn subscription on desktop and Android. If you use an iOS, device, you can’t cancel your LinkedIn subscription you bought via iTunes due to Apple’s policies. You can cancel on a computer or any Android device. Then you’ll be redirected to iTunes subscription management to complete the process.

How to Use LinkedIn Premium

Anybody can use LinkedIn Premium as long as they have a LinkedIn account. Start with LinkedIn Premium today and expand your professional network. It is however important to let you know that LinkedIn does not accept every means of payment.

You can pay for a LinkedIn subscription with your credit or debit card issued by American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and JCB. It also accepts PayPal for desktop purchases of InMail. PayPal payments will not work for advertising. To go premium on LinkedIn;

  • Visit on your device and login if prompted.
  • Tap the ‘’Me icon at the top of your homepage.
  • Click on ‘’Settings and Privacy’’ from the dropdown.
  • Tap ‘’Account preferences’’
  • From the options displayed, click on ‘’Subscriptions & payments’’
  • Select ‘’Upgrade for free’’

Follow the prompts carefully to upgrade your account. To avoid getting charged, you should cancel at least one day before the free trial ends. And if you have used a free trial before, you won’t be qualified for another one for the next twelve months. In conclusion, LinkedIn Premium helps you unlock the power of LinkedIn.


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