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Looking for Louisiana fun places to visit? Planning a trip to Louisiana, and searching for fun places to visit? Search no further, because we have come up with a good bucket list for you. In this post, you will find a compiled list of fun places to take your friends, family, or lover. Louisiana is renowned for its captivating Cajun, and Creole culture, plus it is one of the most fun states in the US to visit. It is well known for its intoxicating mix of music, cuisines, and languages.

Louisiana Fun Places

Whatever kind of fun you’re to experience in one of America’s finest states; Louisiana, below you will find a list of some places to visit.

Top15 Louisiana Fun Places

Here are some of the fun places to visit:

1. Mike the Tiger’s Habitat

Mike the Tiger’s Habitat is one of the fun places to visit in Louisiana, and also the most advanced tiger habitat in the country. If you’re in the state and looking for a cheap spot to have a good time, then this is a good place for you to take your spouse, friends, or family.

Are you a bit curious about Mike Tiger’s Habitat? Well, get your curiosity satisfied by visiting this habitat. Furthermore, at this spot, you can also find out why Mike the Tiger is loved by people visiting.

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2. LSU Tiger Stadium

Another good spot is LSU Tiger Stadium. It is home to the LSU Tigers. The football games here are one of the most awesome activities in the state. At this spot, you can catch a game along with others, watch the LSU Tigers play, and have fun.

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3. The National World War II Museum

A good place for history, and art lovers. The National World War II Museum is one of the most highly praised tourist attractions in Louisiana, and also the country. This is a good venue to start exploring the state. It is a must-see, so, do well to add it to your bucket list. Whether or not you’re into history, trust me, you will enjoy visiting here.

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4. Shreveport Aquarium

Shreveport Aquarium is a good place to meet underwater creatures. It is a perfect place to bring your imagination to life. Plus, it is a good center to go to for a romantic outdoor date. If you’re fishing, then this is a good choice of place for you to visit. Also, watch for fun things to do when you visit around Halloween or Christmas magic.

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5. Millennium Park

Open to all, Millennium Park is a good place to relax and unwind beside Lake Charles. There are plenty of fun activities for you to engage in. So, if you’re visiting Louisiana, and looking for where to enjoy good outdoor fun, this is a good spot. Millennium Park is a destination for recreation and socializing. Also, you can take your kids here as there is a playground for them to have fun and simply be kids.

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6. Louisiana State Capitol

It is the tallest state capitol in the United States, and it overlooks the city just like a skyscraper. Trust me, this is one of the Louisiana fun places you would want to see. At this center, you get to explore the grounds and discover each area’s historical importance. I’d advise visiting this spot with your travel buddies.

7. Creole Nature Trail

Creole Nature Trail is a great destination for kayaking, and hiking, as there is enough nature and ambiance to have a smooth hike. If you’re looking for where to go kayaking or hiking this weekend, then this is a good spot. You can explore this spot, go hiking, kayaking, or biking, and trust me, you will have lots of fun here.

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8. Vermilionville

Presenting the culture of the lake’s late inhabitants in the 18th and 19th centuries, Vermilionville is a small restored village worth visiting. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this spot.

A good place to experience new things and try out new delicious delicacies. Plus, you can relax on the bayou by renting a canoe, or enjoy a quiet picnic with your lover, or family.

9. Louisiana’s Old State Capitol

Louisiana’s Old State Capitol is known as the Museum of Political Science, and it’s a historical symbol. At this place, you will find some award-winning exhibits. Louisiana’s Old State Capitol is a sight to see, so I’d recommend you add this to your bucket list if you’re visiting the state. Another perfect spot to experience new things.

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10. Steamboat Natchez

A perfect place for couples who want to enjoy a romantic night on the water. What do you say about a boat cruise and a lovely dinner while the ship sways slowly? Sounds interesting and tempting, right? Well, you can make that imagination come.

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11. Golden Nugget Casino

If you’re feeling lucky, Golden Nugget Casino is a good place to visit. It provides you with many thrilling games. There are so many games including table games and 7 poker tables. This is a captivating center to visit, but if playing a casino game is too risky for you, you can enjoy the spa services, grab a meal at any of the restaurants, or unwind at the bar.

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12. Louisiana Broadway

Louisiana Broadway is one of the places to add to your bucket list. It is a public space with lots of entertainment centers, restaurants, and shopping outlets. Who would say no to enjoying a delicious dinner in a restaurant by the riverside? Definitely not me. Plus, there are many nice hotels around. Make sure to visit Broadway with your partner.

13. The Singing Oak

Located inside the city park, the Singing Oak is an oak tree with hidden chimes that sings with the wind. Believe me, if you’re yet to visit this spot, this is a reminder for you to do that. A perfect destination if you’re having a bad or stressful day. Visit this spot, sit under the shade of the majestic oak, and be lulled by the harmonies of the cool breeze.

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14. Carousel Bar

The only Carousel Bar in New Orleans, Louisiana. This bar has been getting attention from celebrities, and it has also been featured in Vogue Magazine. So, if you’re looking for a good night experience in the state, this is a good place to visit. It is one of the Louisiana fun places to see with your peers or partner.

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15. Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival

Another Louisiana fun place is Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival. It is a good place to enjoy the best flavors of crawfish. It is a three days festival, and so, I will advise you to add this to your bucket list.

Other Louisiana Fun Places

Below are some of the other fun places in Louisiana to visit;


Trust me, you can never run out of places to see in Louisiana, because the list of fun places to visit is much. In this article, we have listed out some of the fun places for you to visit on your next trip to Louisiana state.

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