Nice Hangout Spots In Ibadan – Oyo State, Nigeria

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Are you looking for nice hangout spots in Ibadan? If yes, then search no further, because, in this article, we will share a list of interesting places in Ibadan to have a good time. Being the capital of Oyo, Ibadan has plenty of fun centers and it is the third most populous city in Nigeria. Located in the South West Region of Nigeria, its name was gotten from the word “Eba Odan” which means “the edge of the meadow”.

Nice Hangout Spots In Ibadan

Ibadan is an ancient yet beautiful city to visit or reside in. The city boasts different historical sites and interesting destinations for fun seekers. If you are in Ibadan or planning to visit and are looking for where to have a good time, check out the places below.

15 Nice Hangout Spots In Ibadan

Here are some of the nice hangout spots in Ibadan to see;

1. Agodi Zoological And Botanical Gardens

This is one of the nice spots in Ibadan to hangout. Agodi Zoological And Botanical Gardens were created in 1967. If you are looking for a place filled with fun, nature, and adventure, Agodi is a great option. There is a variety of fun activities that you can engage in. Plus, being a beautiful greenery garden, you can enjoy a nice picnic here.

The gardens have plenty of activities and excitement waiting for you, all you have to do is visit them. Trust me, you would love this place if you love nature, the sweet smell of flowers, birds chirping, and a peaceful environment.

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2. Cocoa House

Cocoa house is another interesting place in the city to visit for a good time. It is an edifice in the city. Built with proceeds from commodities such as rubber, cocoa, and cotton in 1965, it is now one of the top attractions in Ibadan. It is being used for commercial purposes and is open to leisure travelers, residents, and tourists.

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3. Bowers Tower

One of the ancient sites in Ibadan is the Bowers Tower. The tower was named after the first British resident who was also the travel commissioner of the Interior of Yoruba Land; Captain Bower.

It is a memorial tower and is the grandest monument in the city. Plus, it served as a watchtower during the days of colonization. It is one of the nice ancient places in the city to visit if you love history and culture.

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4. IITA Forest Reserve

IITA Forest Reserve was established to improve the quality of tropical foods, and it is the only protected urban forest in South West Region of Nigeria. If you are looking forward to indulging in some adventure and exploring nature, this is a perfect spot to start from.

It is a spot for entertainment, leisure, and education because the forest reserve has a wide range of animals. And it serves as a training and research institute for students and professionals in Agriculture.

At IITA Forest Reserve, you can go camping, picnicking, bird watching, hiking, biking, fishing, etc. Furthermore, it serves as a getaway center as there is a hotel and a few restaurants.

5. Trans Amusement Park

Amusement parks are not for kids only, as an adult, you can visit one and have fun. If you are in Ibadan, then you should visit Trans Amusement Park. The park has a wonderland theme. This is Disney World in Nigeria. And without making mention of this place, our list of nice hangout spots in Ibadan would be incomplete.

There are plenty of thrilling activities to engage in, or you could just enjoy a quiet picnic, take pictures and watch happy faces.

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6. Ibadan National Museum

The National Museum in Ibadan is one of the nice spots to go for a visit. I mean, there is no way you list places and omit this center. This is a center for history and culture lovers. There are four different galleries in the museum that you can visit. You should treat yourself, family, or friends out for a day of exploring Yoruba cultures and history.

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7. University Of Ibadan Zoological Garden

Built in 1948, the University of Ibadan Zoological Garden is an education center, conservation, and protection ground for animals. It is a center of tourism in Ibadan. The Zoological Garden is a good place to hang out as it offers guests an opportunity to see different animals and species. In addition to seeing animals and mammals, there are fun activities you can engage in.

Moreover, it is a great space for picnicking, where you can simply relax and share a meal in nature.

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8. Palms Shopping Mall

For all your shopping experience, Palms Shopping Mall is a great stop. This is a place where you can shop for almost all your basic and everyday use stuff. Palms Shopping Mall has different independent shopping malls, restaurants, lounges, bars, a cinema, game rooms, etc. You can go for window shopping, hang out, or see a movie.

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9. Ibadan Recreation Club

Indeed, a recreation club. Ibadan Recreation Club is equipped with sand and tennis courts, a billiard table squash court, and a swimming pool. Plus, a mini restaurant and bar where you can get your taste cravings filled.

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10. Ibadan Polo Club

Interested in playing polo? Perhaps, a game of polo is what you are planning to do for the weekend? As luck would have it, Ibadan Polo Club is available to help fulfill your fantasies. Even if you don’t wish to play, you can watch others playing. It is a safe and refreshing place to relax and sightsee.

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11. Old Oyo National Park

Another nice hangout spot in Ibadan to go for a good time is Old Oyo National Park. This is a place of nature and wildlife. If you are in the city, trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this spot. It is a perfect venue for sightseeing, bird watching, fishing, and taking pictures.

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12. Dache Foods

Dache Foods is a Hillside park with lawns, woodland & outdoor swimming pools, plus a boating pond & a small zoo. This place is well maintained and alluring, thus, making it a good hangout spot in Ibadan.

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13. Latitude Café & Lounge

This classy spot is located within the Ventura Mall. Latitude Café & Lounge is a very nice place to hang out with friends, family, and lovers. It is one of the top nice hangout spots in Ibadan.

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14. Five Continents

Five Continents is a very nice place to experience. The atmosphere is pleasant and clean, plus, there is an outdoor DJ and a variety of food choices. Customer splendid is fantastic and the food is tasty and fresh.

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15. IBACHI – Ibadan Chinese Restaurant

Serving Chinese dishes & teppanyaki in a roomy, contemporary setting with big tables for groups, IBACHI is one of the nice and classy spots to hang out. In short, it is a lovely place for food and hanging out. The prices are high, but definitely worth it.

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There you have our recommended list of fun and interesting hangout spots in Ibadan. Not only are these places fun to visit, but they also make an opportunity for visitors to learn. Did we omit your favorite hangout spot? Please let us know below.

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