Nice Hangout Spots In Ikeja

Ikeja, the capital city of Lagos state has lots of nice hangouts spots aside from the rowdiness, bustling, and hustling. There are plenty of nice hangout spots in Ikeja for you to relax, have a quiet moment alone, and unwind.

Are you planning a weekend hangout with friends in Ikeja? Or maybe you need a quiet and cool place to spend some time with your partner? Then, you have clicked the right article. To be honest, Ikeja holds some of the most beautiful, classy, and honorable hangout spots in Lagos.

Nice Hangout Spots In Ikeja

Top 10 Nice Hangout Spots In Ikeja

Whatever kind of fun you are craving to have, chances are that you will find a perfect hangout spot in Ikeja. Without much time wasting, below are some nice hangout spots in Ikeja to visit with friends or loved ones;

1. ZEN Garden

One nice spot you will enjoy visiting is ZEN Garden. The restaurant has all the natural endowments. A day in this place will help improve the body’s general function. While this sot, you can enjoy the breathtaking water views which help to soothe the nerves and calm body and soul. ZEN Garden is actually on the expensive side, but trust me it is worth the price.

2. The Orchid Bistro Is One Of The Nice Hangout Spots In Ikeja

Another place to visit in Ikeja is the Orchid Bistro. It is a top-rated hangout location situated in Ikeja, Lagos. It welcomes guests with the right ambiance making it a peaceful, quiet, and decent place to visit. You can visit this spot with your family, friends, or just your significant other. The orchid bistro is a perfectly decent and calm hangout with waiters that are friendly and ready to serve you.

3. Melting Moment

Melting Moment restaurant is one of the nice hangout spots in Ikeja. Honestly, this place is simply incredible and flawlessly gorgeous. If you are hunting for quality, then you should visit this spot today. The building is directly opposite the Ikeja city mall so it is very easy to locate.

Just the name Melting moments, a taste of this restaurant’s variety of dishes will be stuck in your memories. Oh, I’d recommend you try the ice cream if you think you’ve had the best, well, try theirs. This place is mostly known for its delicious creamy taste, helping it keep its spot as the best dessert company.

4. Rhapsody’s Ikeja Is One Of The Nice Hangout Spots In Ikeja

Another cool place to hang out in Ikeja is Rhapsody’s. It is located inside the Ikeja city mall. Rhapsody offers a natural ambiance that is lively yet effortless, simple yet delicious, and stylish yet relaxed. If you are looking for a place to relax this weekend, I’d honestly recommend this place.

5. Sidewalk Lounge and Bar

For evening hangouts alone, with friends, or date, I would recommend this place. The sidewalk lounge and bar is a perfect place to enjoy some grilled fish and your favorite alcoholic beverage or juice.

6. Bungalow Restaurant

With a perfect romantic setting, the Bungalow restaurant is a place to enjoy a perfect dinner date with your partner. Or a friendly hangout with your group. The place is calm and offers a good opportunity to enjoy a nice evening. You should give their Jollof rice a try and thank me, later.

7. LA Mango Restaurant and Lounge Is One Of The Nice Hangout Spots In Ikeja

Located at Ikeja GRA, La Mango offers a calm and serene ambiance for anyone who just wants to relax and chill. Also, it offers a stocked bar, buffet menu, and a nice swimming pool to help relax nerves.

8. Bamboo Lounge

This is yet another one of the nice hangout spots in Ikeja. Bamboo Lounge is a serene destination to hang out with friends, and family. It is one of the spots I’d recommend to anyone who is looking for where to hang out.

9. Truffles

Truffles is one of the nice hangout spots you will find in Ikeja. If you are looking for where to enjoy an evening hangout with friends or lovers, this is a good spot to consider. You will have so much fun visiting here.

10. Ocean Basket

Another good hangout spot I’d recommend in Ikeja is Ocean Basket. It is one of the best places to take your friends or partner for a good time. You will have so much fun visiting this place, trust me.


To help make your location sorting easier, we have shared a list of some of the nice hangout spots in Ikeja. We hope you find this guide helpful enough. Have a place in mind to share? Awesome. Use the comment section below to share them.

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