Nice Places To Hangout In Tamale

Whether you aim to shop up a storm or educate yourself on Tamale’s local history, there are plenty of nice places and fun activities. In this article, you will find some nice places to hangout in Tamale, so keep reading.

This city is home to plenty of thrilling spots to visit that will keep you entertained. Discover some nice places for you to hangout with friends or family. Without too much talking, let’s proceed to see the places you can visit in Tamale.

Nice Places To Hangout In Tamale

11 Nice Places To Hangout In Tamale

Are you in Tamale or maybe planning to visit? Below are some places in the city you’d like to check out for a good time;

1. Wooden Bakery, Coffee Shop, Bar And Restaurant

Wooden is a good place for hangouts with good food and milkshakes. It is a nice hangout venue, especially for families. The restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Tamale. The ambiance is refreshingly welcoming and chill. So, if you are looking for a place to hangout and relax in the city, visit here today and thank me later.

2. The Hangout Restaurant and Coffee Shop Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Tamale

Another nice place in Tamale is The Hangout Restaurant and Coffee Shop. It is near the Tamale Technical University. The menu is mouthwatering and inviting.

3. Oasis Lounge Bar & Restaurant

A great place to hangout with friends is Oasis. The interior is a nice blend of local and exotic décor. Oasis lounge bar and restaurant is a nice place to hangout with good customer service. Also, the environment is serene.

4. The Dons Pub

The Dons Pub is a nice place to hangout with friends. Not only is the place for sharing a bottle with your friends but there is a pool for those that like swimming. This is a one-stop weekend entertainment center to go to with friends. I don’t know about you, but a hangout with me is not complete without food. There is a restaurant in the pub where you can grab a quick bite.

5. Element Bar Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Tamale

Another place to hangout in Tamale is Element Bar. It is a nice place to hangout and enjoy some good music. If you are looking for a weekend hangout spot with friends in Tamale, this is the place to visit. There is a snooker table as well.

6. Flemish

This is a place you would go for the best Kenkey in Tamale. Visiting Flemish will be more fun and exciting if you go with friends.

7. Jolad’s Café

This is a place to recommend. At Jolad’s café, there are a variety of meals to choose from. The environment is very serene and also the customer service is good. It is a nice place to hangout with friends in Tamale.

8. Giddipass Crest Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Tamale

Giddipass Crest is a nice place to hangout with tasty dishes to have you wanting more. Also, there is a bar available. The rooftop bar is just the perfect place for a weekend hangout with friends.

9. Mole National Park

Mole National Park is located about 70 kilometers from Tamale and offers a variety of wildlife viewing opportunities for visitors, and if you’re looking for a new experience, this might be a nice idea. While at the park, you can go on a guided safari and observe elephants, baboons, antelopes, and many other animals. There’s also a lodge that offers accommodation and meals for all. This is one of the nice places in Tamale to visit for a good time.

10. Tamale Stadium

Another wonderful place to visit in Tamale is the Tamale Stadium. It is one of the most popular destinations for sports enthusiasts. And also home to the Tamale United Football Club. The stadium hosts a variety of local and international events. You can watch a game and cheer on the local team.

11. Northern Regional Museum

Northern Regional Museum is located in the heart of Tamale and it offers a variety of exhibits that showcase the history and culture of the region. You can visit this center to see artifacts from the pre-colonial era and learn about the traditions and customs of the people.


There are our top hangout venues in Tamale to chill and relax with friends. Hopefully, you are able to figure out where you would like to hangout this weekend. What are your thoughts on these locations? What is your favorite hangout spot in Tamale? Let us know in the comment section.

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