Romantic Places To Take Your Girlfriend To In Kansas

Looking for romantic places to take your girlfriend to in Kansas? In Kansas, trust me, the list of romantic places to mention is countless. Regardless of the kind of experience you’re looking forward to having with your lover, there’s a place for you. From a night theater to a quaint retreat in a rural town, trust me, you will be wowed.

Romantic Places To Take Your Girlfriend To In Kansas 

Love is sweet, and Kansas is a good place to have a beautiful experience with your sweetheart, but the question is where to go? Well, you don’t have to worry much, because, in this article, you will find some romantic places to take your girlfriend to in Kansas.  

19 Romantic Places to Take Your Girlfriend to In Kansas 

Here’s our list of the top romantic spots in Kansas to take your woman:

1. Auburn Community Theater 

Auburn Community Theater is one of the romantic places to take your girlfriend to in Kansas. A Tony award-winning music production by renowned composer Stephen Sondheim. Trust me, it is filled with the right emotion and audience to let you have a good time here.  

2. Wandering Vine at the Castle 

Enjoy delicious food in a fabulous atmosphere with your sweetheart. Wandering Vine at the Castle is great for a night out because it is one of the most romantic spots in Kansas. The food is wonderful, with great service, a stunning atmosphere, and a wide selection of wine. Both you and your lover will have a wonderful dining experience. 

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3. Story Restaurant 

Story Restaurant is a showcase of New American cuisine and craft bartending in sleek, minimalist digs with a patio. It is one of the most romantic destinations in Kansas you don’t want to miss out on it. The ambiance here is quiet and sweet, which gives it a romantic feel. Take your girlfriend here and thank me, later because you will have a wonderful dining experience. 

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4. Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse – Kansas City Metro Area 

If your girlfriend loves Italian steaks, Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse is the perfect destination to take her to. It is a beautiful and romantic place serving almost perfect meals, servers are top-notch and friendly. Plus, to complete the perfection of this place, the prices are reasonable and affordable. This is a good place to relax and unwind with your favorite person. 

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5. Larkspur | Bistro & Bar 

This is a good place to enjoy American bistro classics, as they are serving amid homey surroundings with a garden patio. Plus, this place has a laid-back vibe, which makes it a good place to relax and have a good time with your woman. With a wide range of food options on the menu, trust me, you will find something to bless your taste buds with. 

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6. The Melting Pot 

The Melting Pot is another romantic place to visit with your lover in Kansas. A very romantic little spot to take your significant other. It is a fondue restaurant chain offering heated pots of cheese, chocolate, or broth for dipping and cooking. So, if your sweetheart loves any of the mentioned, she’ll love you taking her here.  

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7. Siena Tuscan Steakhouse 

Siena Tuscan Steakhouse is a hotel restaurant and bar serving refined Italian plates and a large wine selection in an elegant and cozy atmosphere. It is a good place to take your girlfriend. You and she will have a good time visiting. What’s better than enjoying your favorite food, or wine with your favorite person? I can’t think of anything. You should take your girlfriend here and have a good time. 

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8. The Antler Room 

For the best Mediterranean dishes and beer, you should check The Antler Room. It is a great place for a romantic evening with your special person. The place is fantastic, the food is amazing, and the service is quite unbeatable in Kansas. This is a good spot to relax with your woman and chat. 

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9. The Sweet Spot 

The Sweet Spot is a great romantic place to eat. The atmosphere is great, the food delicious, and excellent service. If you’re having a little celebration with your partner, I’d recommend this place. You will both have a good time dining out here. 

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10. Le Fou Frog 

Le Fou Frog is one of the romantic places to take your girlfriend to in Kansas. It is an unpretentious eatery for elevated French dining in a cozy quarter. A very good place to enjoy a lovely dinner with your darling. It is also a very good destination to have a little celebration. 

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11. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants 

A place to go wine tasting with your girlfriend in Kansas. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants is an upscale chain serving New American fare paired with house-label wines. It is done in a contemporary setting. This is a place I highly recommend for wine lovers like me. Trust me, you will have a wonderful experience. Not to forget the delicious menu. 

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12. Stock Hill 

Another romantic place in Kansas to take your baby to is Stock Hill. A contemporary steakhouse serving meals paired with cocktails, wine, and craft beer. It is a fashionable place to eat and relax with your woman.  If your girlfriend is a foodie, then you and she will both have a good and amazing time here. 

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13. Chesters Chophouse & Wine Bar 

A polished destination for serving a contemporary take on steaks and seafood, with a full bar and cigars. Chesters Chophouse & Wine Bar is one of the places to take your girlfriend to in Kansas if you’re looking forward to having a good time. If you’re looking to impress your sweetheart with wine and fine dining, then this is the perfect spot for you. 

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14. Affäre 

Affäre is an outstanding place to take your woman to enjoy a romantic dinner. The atmosphere is great, live music, and the servers are very attentive. Plus, the modern German plates served here are amazing. This is a very good place to take your sweetheart for a good dining experience. Furthermore, if your girlfriend is yet to taste or loves German food, this is where to take her. 

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15. Chaz on the Plaza 

Chaz on the Plaza is a great romantic place to take your girlfriend and a good place to propose. The atmosphere is calming and quiet. Believe me, a first visit here will convince you. The food is great, and the servers are friendly, polite, and professional. If you’re planning to pop the question, this is where to go. 

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16. Café Bel Ami Restaurant

This is yet another one of the romantic places to take your girlfriend to in Kansas. Indulge in French, Mediterranean cuisine at Café Bel Ami Restaurant. The ambiance is refreshing, the food is delicious and the setting is romantic, thus making it a must-visit for you and your woman.

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 17. Prime on the Nine

Prime on the Nine is another place to consider if you’re looking for romantic places to take your girlfriend to in Kansas. A romantic place to enjoy, some of the best hand-cut Kansas steaks with your significant other. Trust me, you will both love it here.

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18. Ted Ensley Gardens

Pack up your picnic bag and take your woman to Ted Ensley Gardens to spend a day. Take a stroll through meditation gardens, and rose gardens and across a picturesque 60-foot covered bridge while making memories. Believe me, you will both have a wonderful time here.

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19. Grace Hill Winery

Take your sweetheart to Grace Hill Winery and celebrate love by tasting the sweet wines. This is one of the must-visit spots if you woman loves wine. The experience will be a wonderful one.

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There is our list of romantic places to take your girlfriend to in Kansas. If there’s a place you would like for us to add to the list, please tell us below. Also, don’t forget to check out our website for more, and share this article with your friends on your social media platforms.  

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