Romantic Places To Take Your Girlfriend To In South Carolina 

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Planning a baecation to South Carolina, but don’t know places to visit?  Lucky for you, in this article, you will find a list of some romantic places to take your girlfriend in South Carolina. To be honest, there’s no specific place to have a romantic time with your spouse, but the environment enhances the experience. Whatever kind of experience you want to have with your girlfriend, chances are that South Carolina got a good spot for you.

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20 Romantic Places to Take Your Girlfriend to In South Carolina 

These are some of the romantic places in South Carolina, feel free to share your favorites in the comments below:

1. The Red Horse Inn 

The Red Horse Inn is one of the most romantic places in South Carolina to take your girlfriend. It is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The elegant rooms all have fireplaces, whirlpool tubs, free Wi-Fi, TVs, and other things you will need to have a good stay. Both you and your woman will have a great time visiting this place. Plus, if you’re both into hiking, you can explore the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

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2. The Melting Pot Myrtle Beach 

This is a great and romantic destination to take your sweetheart, so if you’re looking for a romantic night out, this is a perfect spot. The Melting Pot Myrtle Beach is a fondue restaurant offering heated pots of cheese, chocolate, or broth dipping and cooking. It is a good place to get your cheese cravings satisfied. Fantastic meals, and friendly, yet professional waiters. To visit this place, you need to make a reservation, so make sure you do that ahead and take your lover. 

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3. The Bluffton Room 

The Bluffton Room is an American cuisine and cocktails in a modern, rustic setting with an open-air bar and patio. It is one of the lovely romantic places to take your girlfriend to in South Carolina. Though it is very small, it is a great place to have a romantic dinner. Take your sweetheart to enjoy delightful meals. The food and atmosphere are outstanding, with a small menu but a wide range of options. Trust me, both you and your girlfriend will have a great time visiting here. 

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4. The Library Restaurant 

An upscale restaurant with a romantic ambiance, great food, and wide choices of sweet wine. The Library Restaurant is one of the places to visit with your woman if you want to have a relaxing evening. Enjoy a fantastic dining experience here with your special person.  

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5. Myrtle Beach Boardwalk 

One visit to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, and you will wonder why you haven’t visited all this while. It is one of the most romantic places to take your girlfriend to in South Carolina. It offers romantic sights and sounds from the beach, thus making the atmosphere a refreshing and romantic place to be with your woman. Plus, you can stop and enjoy a cool ride on the Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel, which is the tallest Ferris wheel in SC. 

6. Brookgreen Gardens 

Brookgreen Gardens is a romantic place, and a trip here will convince you. There is more to do here than just having a quiet stroll around the beautiful garden with your sweetheart. It is one of the most romantic places for couples in South Carolina to visit. I’d recommend you take a pontoon boat tour to see the garden and wildlife.  

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7. Falls Park 

Situated in Greenville, SC, Falls Park is one of the nice places to take your lover because it delivers a lot of options when it comes to romantic interests. Plus, there are nearby eateries where you can enjoy a delicious meal. Also, there are many romantic activities for you and your girlfriend to do in the park. Trust me, you will have the best evening in this place with your girlfriend. 

8. Villa Romana, Myrtle Beach 

Enjoy an authentic Italian dinner with your sweetheart here. Villa Romana is a well-known destination for its authentic cuisine, but the ambiance is equally worth it. This is a very good place to have a good evening dining and wining with your lover.  

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9. Hampton Street Vineyard 

An intimate, low-lit restaurant with a seasonal New American menu, a full bar, and an extensive wine list. It is a great place to have a good time with your lover. Whether you are looking for a place to have a romantic evening dining out with your partner, or thirsty for a bottle of wine, Hampton Street Vineyard is a good destination. 

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10. Tiffany’s at The Stables 

This is one of the romantic places in South Carolina I’d recommend for young couples. Believe me, everything at Tiffany’s at The Stables is top-notch. The atmosphere is great, and everything on the menu is delicious. Take your girlfriend to this place and enjoy a good meal, filled with laughter and charming smiles.   

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11. Saluda’s Restaurant 

Saluda’s Restaurant is one of the romantic places to take your girlfriend to in South Carolina. It is an upscale spot serving reimagine Southern classics with white linen tables and an antique mahogany bar. A very good place to have a little party with your woman. Plus, they are consistently excellent in service, manners, menu, quality, and atmosphere. So, you and your sweetheart will have a good time here. 

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12. Hendrix Restaurant 

Hendrix Restaurant is an industrial-style haunt with a rooftop bar specializing in creative small plates and hearty mains. The restaurant has a great vibe, with an intimate setting making it a romantic place too. In short, it is a place to enjoy amazing food, atmosphere, and service. Believe me, when I say, you and your girlfriend will have a good time here. 

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13. Al’s Upstairs Italian Restaurant 

Al’s Upstairs Italian Restaurant is a nice romantic place to take your girlfriend to in South Carolina. A perfect, romantic getaway with great food and service. This is an ideal location to celebrate your anniversary with your woman. Enjoy a perfect dining experience here with your woman. 

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14. Circa 1886 Restaurant 

This is a romantic pick with a seasonal and local menu of elevated low-country cuisine with an extensive wine list. The setting at Circa 1886 Restaurant is lovely and intimate, so both you and your sweetheart will have a good time. 

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15. Halls Chophouse Columbia 

Another romantic place to take your girlfriend to in South Carolina is Halls Chophouse Columbia. It is a popular steakhouse serving choice cuts of beef and locally sourced seafood in sophisticated surroundings. A very romantic place to take your sweetheart for a lovely dining experience. The servers are very professional, yet friendly. You will love this place. 

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16. The Lighthouse Restaurant

The Lighthouse Restaurant is yet another one of the romantic places to take your wife to in South Carolina. Enjoy dinner on the waterfront with your wife, as it has a tendency to spark romance. On the other hand, dinner on the lake in a lighthouse can take any romantic evening to new heights which will be good for you and your woman. Trust me, you will both love this place.

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17. Magnolia Manor

Magnolia Manor’s sprawling gardens, beautiful old oak trees, and 120-year-old manor make it a perfect destination for blossoming romance. If you have been searching for that perfect spot to just relax and have a great time together, then look no further. Visit this place today and you will be glad you did.

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18. Montague’s Restaurant

Have a wonderful culinary experience at Montague’s Restaurant with your woman. It is a plus if she loves food because this place will definitely fill her taste buds. Exquisite food, a quiet atmosphere, and personalized service make here a premiere go-to restaurant for leaving a lasting impression on your date. You will both love the ambiance and the food here.

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19. Villa Romana

Take your wife to enjoy an authentic Italian Meal at Villa Romana. The place is known for its authentic Italian cuisine, and serene ambiance, thus making it a romantic spot to visit with your wife.

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20. Cayce Riverwalk

If you want a more laid-back spot to spend some time with your wife, Cayce Riverwalk is a perfect option. Spend quality time with your wife fishing or simply taking a walk on the calm Riverwalk. Either way, you will both have a great time here.

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Above are some of the romantic places to take your girlfriend to in South Carolina. Though the list is long, we have only mentioned a few of the places, so feel free to tell us your favorite places below. Also, don’t forget to bookmark our blog, and share it with your friends on your social media platforms. 

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