Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Anambra State Nigeria

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Looking for romantic places to take your husband to in Anambra State, Nigeria? Whether you are based in Anambra or not, there are many romantic places in the state to visit with your spouse. Want to see your husband showing the baby side of himself? Well, then read on to find the romantic places you can take him to at your expense.

Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Anambra State Nigeria

Anambra has tons of beautiful and romantic places to visit and have a good time with your husband and in this guide, we will be listing some of those places.

14 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Anambra State Nigeria

Now, let’s look at some of the romantic places to go with your husband in Anambra State, Nigeria:

1. Ogbunike Cave is one of the Popular Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Anambra State, Nigeria

Is your husband interested in nature and places related to nature? Well, search no more. Ogbunike Cave is the perfect place to visit. The cave is blanketed by rainforests and it holds spiritual importance to the people of that state. So, if you are looking to experience new things and make new memories, with your hubby, this is a spot to visit.

2. Odinani Museum

Odinani Museum is situated in Nri village and was built years ago by the late Prof. Angulu Onwuejeogwu. The museum is known to house many ancient and archeological discoveries. Visiting the Odinani museum with your husband is a great idea as you get to see the awesomeness of the place and at the same time learn about the cultures and traditions of Anambra.

3. Vonic Hotel and Resort

Vonic is located beside Aquata Secretariat, in Anambra. To have a chill and quiet time with your husband, the Vonic Hotel and Resort is a nice and entertaining place for that. The hotel and resort are packed with everything needed to make your stay a comfortable and memorable one. Chill at the bar with your husband or visit the restaurant and enjoy a good meal.

4. Lounge 24 is also one of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Anambra State, Nigeria

Seeking a leisure center to relax with your husband? Lounge 24 offers leisure with the provision of a club, bar, restaurant, and pool. Whichever you want to do with your spouse, lounge 24 is a chill place for that. Lounge24 is a fun place that attracts both celebrities in the country so trust you will have a good time.

5. Five Star Restaurant

Just like the name implies, Five Star restaurant is situated in Awka, Anambra and it serves one of the best delicacies in the state. Getting your taste buds satisfied won’t be hard at this restaurant. There is a wide range of African dishes and foreign, so if trying new delicacies is on the top list of you and your spouse, visit Five Star restaurant.

6. Akwa Wonderland

Who said it’s only kids that visit amusement parks? Oh well, they are wrong. Visiting an amusement park with your spouse is a great idea because you get to watch him show the baby side of him. I don’t know about others, but there’s something attractive about seeing a man show his baby side. It is cute. Visit Akwa Wonderland today and have a fun time with your spouse and also create new memories.

7. Evergreen Art Studio is one of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Anambra State, Nigeria

The evergreen art studio is a picture-perfect place to visit with your lover and get new portraits together. Also, you get to enjoy the display of different artworks by various artists. This studio is located in Nnewi, Anambra state.

8. Agulu Lake

Agulu Lake is one of the numerous romantic places to visit with your husband and make new memories. It has a calming environment with a stunning view to see with your spouse, so believe me you wouldn’t want to miss out on this location.

9. Iyiocha Lake

This is yet another lake to visit with your spouse and have a quiet and peaceful time together. If the fear of visiting lakes is stopping you then you should know no drowning has ever been recorded at this spot and there are no aquatic bodies. Shocking, right? Well, it is a mystery to explore, and would be better if you take your husband along with you.

10. Rojenny Tourist Village

This tourist village is located at Oba, Idemili South local government of Anambra. Rojenny Tourist Village is known for its stunning resemblance to Disney World. Now, you don’t have to travel overseas before experiencing Disney World.

The place offers a wide range of games, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a zoo, and a recreational center. So, whatever, you are in the mood for doing with your husband, Rojenny is got you covered.

11. The Belvedere Resort

The Belvedere Resort is a place to spend some quiet and romantic time with your husband. At the resort, guests can take advantage of the awesome amenities its offers such as a gym center, spa, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, etc. Enjoy a good time with your spouse at the Belvedere resort today.

12. Igbo Ukwu Museum

History and culture are part of Africa, and the Igbo Ukwu Museum holds some of the biggest histories of the Igbos in Anambra state. There is a lot to feed your eyes and mind with at the Igbo Ukwu Museum.

13. Big Ballers City

Another place to consider taking your spouse to in Anambra is Big Ballers City. A good destination to have delicious meals with your favorite person, trust me, you will both have a lovely time there.

14. Del Santos Hotel

If you are looking for a place to relax and each other’s company, then you should take your husband to Del Santos Hotel. With the excellent and fun amenities here, trust me, it will be a wonderful experience for you and your husband.


Taking your husband to any of the romantic places listed in the guide will definitely put a big smile on his face. So, search no further and add the places in this article to your list of places to visit. Also, if you have this guide helpful, share it with your friends that are interested in visiting Anambra as well.

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