Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Lagos State Nigeria

Are you looking for Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Lagos State Nigeria? Spoiling your husband is a way of letting him know how much you love and value him. You can don’t need to have millions in your account to spoil your hubby as a wife, there are budget-friendly romantic places to take your husband in Lagos.

Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Lagos State Nigeria


Lagos state has many places to be lovey-dovey with your husband and you can take him to those places to remind him of how important he is to you. Don’t know Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Lagos State? We have got you covered.

Below I will be listing 10 amazing and romantic places to take your husband on a date.

Top 10 Romantic Places to take your husband to in Lagos Nigeria

1. Amani Spa & Wellness

Why not spoil hubby with a Spa treat? Amani Spa & Wellness is a center to get an amazing body and mood-boosting massage. It is a diverse wellness consulting and franchise company with a mixture of diverse spa experiences. The spa and wellness center features the following

  • beauty salon
  • body treatments
  • exfoliating treatments
  • foot massage
  • Heated Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Experience Showers
  • Hand and Feet treatment
  • Hot Tubs
  • Body massage
  • Facial Treatments
  • Heated Indoor Pool
  • Indoor Vitality Pool

Also, Amani Spa and wellness sections for couples including couple massage and couples treatment room. So, you and your hubby are sure to have a good time together while enjoying spa time. Taking your husband to this place will make him very happy.

2. Halemson Beach Resort is among the Top 10 Romantic Places to take your husband to in Lagos Nigeria

Halemson Beach Resort is one of the best places to take your husband to in Lagos. If you are looking at deepening your relationship and intimacy with your husband, then this resort is ideal for you.  Halemson Beach Resort is located in Ikaare Island Satellite Town. You can visit the Resort with your husband and enjoy the rich Nigeria natural private beach Island, boat cruises, and seafood.

3. Bheerhugs Cafe

Bheerhugz as popularly known is a leisure and entertainment spot for urban, fun-seeking individuals. It is a perfect romantic spot for you to take your hubby to. This leisure is located in Ikeja City Mall and is a place for all minds to unwind and have fun. At Bheerhugs café, you are very sure to have a splendid dining experience and lounge with your hubby.

4. Melting Moments

Melting Moments is a great spot for ice cream. This place is not just perfect for ice creams but the serene aura that fills is place is outstanding. Also, it is a gorgeous place to take cute and lovely pictures with your husband. It is located inside the Ikeja City Mall.

5. The Place

The Place is located on the Island in Lekki Phase 1. This is a perfect spot to chill and have some alone time with hubby and let the calmness of the place fill you. The Place is perfect for dates, you get to enjoy your favorite meals, wines, or any sort of refreshments with your favorite person. This is a perfect relaxation spot for you and your husband to relax, talk or just let the music speak to you

6. Domino Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is a place that is frequented by couples who want to spend moments conversing while enjoying the delicious pizza bites. It is perfect for all kinds of dates and fun between couples.

7. The Grillroom at Wheatbaker Hotel is one of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Lagos State Nigeria

The Grillroom at Wheatbaker Hotel’s interior design and craft is out of the world, beautiful, and descriptive. The grill room is also known for its unique food like seafood. Every of their meal is a delicacy, each taste is pure delight and it’s a perfect spot that is soothing for a date.

8. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

If you are the type that enjoys and are interested in plain dates where you can just kick back and then relax with your crush over a delicious meal, then you should consider Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). It has several branches in Lagos. It is also a perfect spot for a date when you are on a low budget. They serve unique and prepared dishes and the environment is neat and comfy.

9. Ember Creek

They have such amazing vibes and ambiance romantic dates and hangouts. And they are located on the coastal shores of Ikoyi with such a wonderful panoramic view of the waterfront terrace. Ember Creek is a resort that has so much that they have to offer in terms of the terrain, drinks, food, and other activities. It is such a great place to visit with special someone.

10. Rhapsody’s is a top Romantic Place to Take Your Husband to in Lagos State Nigeria

It’s a place that has a gorgeous ambiance. That is located in Ikeja City Mall in Alausa, Ikeja, and the restaurant is known for its romantic settings and a perfect place for a date. Then you are going to enjoy a lovely afternoon and evening with overall good food and services. Instead of setting for fruit juice, you can woo your crush or someone special with an exquisite wine from their vast wine list.

11. La Manga Luxury Beach Villas

Have a taste of paradise nested along the unspoiled Atlantic Ocean on the beautiful and alluring Island of Ilashe in Lagos, Nigeria. Enjoy a vacation with your husband in La Manga Luxury Beach Villas. Believe me, you and your spouse will have a lovely time away from the hustling and bustling of the city.

12. Eko Tourist Resort

For an unforgettable experience with your husband, Eko Tourist Resort is one of the best places to visit. A place to feel and enjoy nature around palm trees, deluxe villas, a relaxing environment, and cloudless water.


I hope you find this article helpful. Also, if you have suggestions or answers regarding Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Lagos State Nigeria, use the comment box. Make sure to share with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go with my boyfriend in Lagos?

Spending time and having fun with your partner is one of the best feelings in the world and Lagos is packed with many places to visit with your SO. Some of these places are;

  • Nike Centre For Art and Culture.
  • Amani Spa & Wellness.
  • Freedom Park Lagos.
  • LUFASI Nature Park. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Lvi Art Gallery And Cultural Nexus. Art Galleries.
  • Leisure Sports Paintball.
  • Lekki Conservation Centre.
  • Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art, Pan-Atlantic University.

Where can I chill in Lagos?

There are many fun places in Lagos for adults to chill and have a good time including bars, game centers, restaurants, lounges, and many others. Some of the places you can chill in and make new friends include the below;

  • The Orchid Bistro Café
  • La Mango Restaurant & Bar
  • The Maryland Mall
  • Ikeja City Mall
  • Bamboo Lounge, Bar & Guest House
  • Pool Terrace Bar & Restaurant.
  • Landmark Centre
  • Freedom Park

Where can I go for my wedding anniversary in Lagos?

Some nice places to chill with your spouse for your anniversary include the following;

  • The George
  • Seattle Residence and Spa
  • Ocean Basket
  • Ember Creek Waterfront
  • Lihao Chinese Cuisine
  • Nordic Hotel, Lagos
  • The Wheatbaker
  • Hotel Bon Voyage
  • Jara Beach Resort
  • Cotton Suites
  • Eko Signature.

Where can I hang out with my friends in Lagos?

Lagos has many places you can hang out with your friends. Some of such places are;

  • Freedom Park Lagos.
  • Landmark Beach Lagos.
  • JJT Park (Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park).
  • Elegushi Beach.
  • New Afrika Shrine.
  • Lekki Conservation centre.
  • Lufasi Nature Park.

Is Lagos good for couples?

Regardless of the stage of the relationship, Lagos is a good place for couples to rekindle or just let go. Also, the state has many fun places for couples to chill out together.

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