Romantic Places To Take Your Husband To In Cross River State Nigeria

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Cross River is known as “The People’s Paradise” which signifies how beautiful the State is. In Cross River State, you can never run out of options while checking out the best Romantic places to take your husband to in Cross River state Nigeria.

Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Cross River State Nigeria

There are many Romantic places to take your husband to in Cross River state Nigeria. As it is a perfect State to take your husband on a romantic getaway to help spark up the romance.

Why should I Take my Husband to Romantic Places in Cross River state Nigeria?

If you are in Cross River, you don’t have to plan a getaway to other states because what you are looking for outside, is actually within your reach in your state. Have you been seeking romantic places in Cross River but is yet to find any? Well, it’s a good thing you clicked on this article because we will be making mention of some romantic places to take your husband right in Cross River.

Now, let’s find out the romantic places you can take your husband to in Cross River and spoil him.

15 Top Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Cross River

The places that we will be mentioned below will answer your questions about where to take your husband in Cross River. Below are a few romantic places that will satisfy your curiosity;

1. The Marina Resort is the best choice of Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Cross River State Nigeria

Marina Resort sits on a historical site, the water mouth of Calabar. It was built on May 2007 to promote tourism and is notable as a recreational and learning destination. This is a place to get the fresh breath of air both you and your husband must have needed to relax from all the stress. There is a wide range of facilities ranging from the slave museum to restaurants to lounges. You and your hubby are sure to have a full-filled and educative experience at this resort.

2. Tinapa Resort

If you are planning to spoil your husband on a budget, then Tinapa Resort is a perfect place for you. Tinapa Resort offers a wide range of fun activities including boat rides, basketball, and cool water slides. It is a place to relax, have fun and create memories together as a couple. It is a picture-perfect place to take cute pictures of your hubby and let the world know he is yours to keep. Also, you can find shops fully stocked to get him lovely and thoughtful gifts.

3. Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Cross River, Nigeria. The place boasts a beautiful landscape. Participate or partake in activities as a couple such as horse riding, swimming, or golfing. Another great option is to just relax and let the beauty and calmness of the resort fill you up.

4. Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island is not exactly an island which is a bit confusing, but that doesn’t mean the place is less captivating. It is a great place for couples to relax, talk, wine, and dine. While at you, you and your husband can sit and talk about anything in the beauty of nature and watch the sunset shine through. This place is paradise and will be perfect for you and your hubby to have some alone time and talk.

5. The Orange Resort is the best choice of Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Cross River State Nigeria

At Orange Resort, you and your husband can take advantage of the free continental breakfast, a bar, and a 24-hour gym. The orange resort is a beautiful place to visit with your husband and make new memories.

6. Beverly Heels Hotel

Beverly Heels Hotel is yet another beautiful place for you and your hubby to take advantage of a free continental breakfast. It also offers a roundtrip airport shuttle and a romantic café where you can hang out with your hubby sipping on your favorite coffee. It is a comfortable place for guests to relax and also offers free in-room Wi-Fi.

7. Calabar Harbour Resort Spa

The Calabar Harbour Resort Spa features a poolside bar and a terrace to make you and your husband have a comfortable stay and create new memories. Have spa sections together and enjoy the international cuisine at the onsite restaurant.

The resort spa offers a serene and calm atmosphere to help relieve whatever tension you must have been feeling. It is great to just go, relax, chill, have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

8. Transcorp Hotel Calabar is one of the best Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Cross River State Nigeria

Transcorp Hotel Calabar is another option to consider if you want a romantic getaway with your husband. This place will help spark your love for each with the garden and in-room fireplaces, you can just relax in your room and have fun together. It features a poolside bar, a nightclub, and a restaurant. If your husband enjoys clubbing, then why not enjoy the night clubbing together?

9. The Noble Place

The Noble place as the name implies is indeed a noble and calm place to take your husband to and have some fun. You can look forward to continental breakfasts, a bar, and laundry/dry cleaning services. It offers a smoke-free premise for you and your husband to relax and rest.

10. Channel View Hotel

Channel View offers guests a romantic coffee/café where they get to enjoy their favorite drinks and relax. You and your hubby can enjoy both local and international cuisine. There are rainfall showers with elegant toiletries, smart TVs, daily housekeeping, and premium channels to keep you entertained.

11. The Mirage Calabar

The Mirage is a place you would enjoy going to with your husband. You can look forward to gym services, continental breakfast, and a restaurant. While relaxing at the hotel, you can still take your husband for a romantic date at the onsite restaurant. There is free in-room Wi-Fi.

12. Agbokim Waterfalls

Agbokim Waterfalls is a place to go and experience wonders in nature with your significant other. If you and your spouse are visiting Cross River for the first, then this should be on your list of places to visit. A place to enjoy and feel Mother Nature in all elegance. Believe me, you will both have a wonderful time exploring these waterfalls.

13. Cross River National Park

If your husband loves nature, Cross River National Park is one of the romantic places I’d recommend for you to take him. Believe me, he will love it here, and you will both have a wonderful experience.

14. Splendour Hotel

Splendour Hotel is one of the most affordable hotels in the state to lodge with your husband. So, if you are looking for some alone time with your husband or planning a short vacation, this is one of the destinations to consider staying at.

15. Muka Sam Hotel

This is yet another lovely hotel you can stay at when visiting Cross River State. Muka Sam Hotel provides amenities to make your stay enjoyable such as on-site restaurants and a bar where you can relax and unwind. Believe me, you don’t want to miss a chance to explore this place with your husband.


In this article, we have listed out some Romantic places to take your husband to in Cross River state Nigeria. I hope you have got your answers and decided on where to spoil your husband this festive season. Also, if you have suggestions or questions to ask, use the comment feature to leave and a response will be provided as soon they are seen.

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