Romantic Restaurants On Lagos Island To Have A Dinner Date

Lagos Island has some of the best romantic restaurants and in this article, we will be reviewing some of the top romantic restaurants on Lagos Island to have a dinner date. The list of restaurants in the city is long, however, we will make a list of the best restaurants to have a perfect dinner date with your lover. So, keep reading on to find out.

Romantic Restaurants On Lagos Island To Have A Dinner Date

Restaurants On Lagos Island To Have A Dinner Date 

There are many restaurants on the Island to enjoy a perfect dinner date and below are the top restaurants on Lagos Island;

The Grill by Delis

One place to consider when it comes to enjoying a romantic dinner date with your partner is The Grills by Delis. This place serves one of the best meals to bless your tastebuds with and could be better than enjoying your favorite meal with your favorite person. For the best dinner evening, visit here today.

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Sailors Lounge Is One Of The Romantic Restaurants On Lagos Island To Have A Dinner Date

Of course, it’s not news that Sailors Lounge offers one of the best romantic settings to enjoy a dinner date. It is the best place to go if you want seafood. So, visit this place today and enjoy a date by the Lagos Lagoon with your partner.

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Noir Restaurant

Another romantic restaurant on Lagos Island to have a dinner date is Noir. The noir restaurant is one of the most beautiful and serene places to go for a date night. The place is very classy, calm, and welcoming.

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RSVP Restaurant

To fulfill your craving for an international delicacy, visit RSVP restaurant today. Not only do you enjoy a perfect dinner date, but also you try out new delicacies. After enjoying a good meal, you can then retire to the bar and share a bottle of champagne or wine.

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Shiro Lagos Is One Of The Romantic Restaurants On Lagos Island To Have A Dinner Date

Shiro Lagos offers a serene ambiance that is perfect for a romantic evening with your lover. It is a perfect restaurant to have a dinner date. Oh, the interior is top-notch.

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Z Kitchen

So, you want to surprise your partner with an evening date? Well, Z kitchen is one of the places to put in mind. It is a beautiful place with lots of delicious meals and is perfect for a dinner date. After feeding your stomach, you can as well feed your eyes with the beautiful arts.

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Talindo Steak House

What are you craving for your evening date? Steak? Where could be better than Talindo steak house? This is one of the best steakhouses in Lagos to enjoy a calming evening dinner with your lover. It is situated right in the heart of Lagos.

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Cactus Restaurant Is One Of The Romantic Restaurants On Lagos Island To Have A Dinner Date

Another restaurant on our list today is Cactus. Whether you want to enjoy a dinner date or a friendly hangout, this is a perfect spot. It has good customer service and they serve freshly cooked meals to satisfy you and your lover.

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Grenadine Lagos

If you are looking for where to satisfy your cravings for either local or international meals, Grenadine is where to go. The ambiance at this restaurant is relaxing, cozy, and romantic.

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Ocean Basket Victoria Island

The last one on our list today is Ocean Basket. Located on Victoria Island, Ocean Basket is one of the romantic restaurants for a dinner date. Trust me, you will enjoy visiting this place with your partner.

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Vanilla Moon

Vanilla Moon is a cozy place. A great place to have romantic dates and hang out with friends. It is one of the spots I’d recommend for your lunches and dinners. Everything in this place speaks classy. The atmosphere, interiors, food, and servers are outstanding. Trust me, you will have a great time here.

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La Taverna Lagos

Looking for a place to go out on a date with that special person? La Taverna Lagos is a really good spot. Its romantic and natural settings attract young and old couples, first dates, friends and colleagues hangouts, etc. This is likely one of the best restaurants you will find in VI.

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Salma’s Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

Love Lebanese meals? Then Salma’s Authentic Lebanese Cuisine is a perfect date spot. Absolutely perfect waterside location for a romantic dinner with your significant other or a hangout with friends, top-notch customer-centric staff, and most importantly – really good food.

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There you have some of the romantic restaurants on Lagos Island to go to for a dinner date and fill your buds. Where is your favorite place to go to? Got recommendations? Well, the comment section is open.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can couples go in Lagos?

The list is long, but below are some of the places for couples to visit;

  • Lvi Art Gallery And Cultural Nexus
  • Oshodi Art Gallery.
  • Pan-Atlantic University.
  • Amani Spa & Wellness.
  • Talindo Steak House.
  • Cactus Restaurant.
  • Freedom Park Lagos.
  • Nike Centre For Art and Culture.
  • Lekki Conservation Centre.
  • LUFASI Nature Park

Where can I ask the questionon in Lagos?

Ready to ask your woman the question, here are some of the places to go to;

  • Amazon Spur.
  • Ember Creek.
  • La Manga Luxury Beach Villas
  • Whispering Palms
  • La-Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort.

How much is entry fee at Oniru Beach?

The entrance fee at Oniru Beach is NGN1000 with an additional NGN200 for parking space in the premise.

Can I take food to Oniru Beach?

Yes, you can take your food to Oniru beach as it is a private beach.

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