Things to Know About Abia State Umuahia Nigeria

Abia is the 32nd largest area state in Nigeria. If you are considering relocating to or visiting Abia State, there are lots of things to know about Abia State Umuahia. Abia State is a state in the South-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

Things to know about Abia State Umuahia Nigeria

It shares its bothers to the southeast with Akwa Ibom, Rivers State to the south, Imo State to the west, and Cross State to the east. The name of the state was derived from the four most populated regions of the state namely Aba, Bende, Isuikwuato, and Afikpo (however, Afikpo was later joined with a part of Enugu state to form Ebonyi state in 1996).

Things to Know About Abia State

It is important to know that Abia state is the 27th most populous with an estimated population of over 3,727 347 as of 2016. The present-day era Abia state is dominated for years by several ethnic groups, but it is majorly dominated by the Igbo People.

Economically, the state majors on the production of crude oil, agriculture, and natural gas. Some of the agricultural produce in Abia state includes yam, palm oil, cassava, and taro among others, this serves as the backbone of the economy of Abia state. Also, one of the secondary industries is the manufacturing industry. From statistics and records, Abia has the 8th highest Human Development Index in Nigeria.

History of Abia State | Things to know about Abia State Umuahia

Abia state was formed on the 27th of August 1991. It was created by General Ibrahim Babangida. The state is located in the South-eastern part of Nigeria. It is significant in history, to know that Abia state was created from Imo state. Hence, the two states share boundaries. In addition, Abia state is known to be one of the constituents state of the Niger Delta region. The capital of the state is known to be Umuahia while Aba is known as the mainstay for commercial activities. Abia State is also referred to as God’s own state.

Additionally, Abia state has about seventeen (17) Local Government Areas. And it is predominantly occupied by the Igbo people. They make up about 95% of the population of the state. Some of the language spoken in the state includes the Igbo language, Ibibio, and English language.

Raw materials that can be found in Abia State

  • Lead/Zinc
  • Gold
  • Limestone
  • Oil/Gas
  • Salt
  • Kaolin
  • Limestone
  • University and Colleges in Abia State
  • Abia State College of Education.
  • Micheal Okpara of Agriculture
  • Abia State Universit
  • Spritan University
  • Gregory University
  • Rhema University
  • Clifford University
  • Abia State College of Health Sciences and Management Technology
  • Temple Gate Polytechnic
  • Abia State Polytechnic.

Languages in Abia State |  Things to know about Abia State Umuahia.

As I mentioned earlier, Abia state is predominately occupied by the Igbo people. The major language spoken in the state is the Igbo language. However, in regions like Arochukwu, a language like Ibibio is spoken there. Also, the general language that is spoken is the English language.

Local Government Areas |

Abia state is made up of seventeen (17) Local Government Areas. Below is the list of the 17 L.G.A in Abia State.

  • Aba north
  • Aba South
  • Arochukwu
  • Bende
  • IKwuano
  • Isiala Ngwa North
  • Isiala Ngwa South
  • Isuikwuato
  • Obi Ngwa
  • Ohafia
  • Osisioma Ngwa
  • Ugwunagbo
  • Ukwa East
  • Ukwa West
  • Umuahia North
  • Umuahia South

Cities in Abia State that you can Visit

Abia State is a beautiful place to be and there are lots of beautiful places that you can visit in the state. In this part of the article, I will be listing out some of the beautiful places that you can visit in Abia state.

Osisioma Ngwa

The top of our list is Osisioma Ngwa a Local Government Area in Abia state. This is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit in the state. It has its headquarters located in Osisioma town. If you are considering relocating or paying a visit to the state, then you should visit Osisioma Ngwa.


Aba City is one of the famous and thriving cities in Abia state. However, Aba City is a city in the southeast of Abia state of Nigeria. It is also the site of commercial activity. One fact to know is that Aba city is the center for all commercial activity in Abia state. Aba was later divided into two Local Government Areas namely; Aba North and Aba South.


The capital city of Abia state, Umuahia is situated in the southeastern of Nigeria. It is located along the railway road that lies between Port Harcourt and Enugu City. You can pay a visit to the capital city of Umuahia to enjoy your stay and learn more about the city.


Arochukwu is one of the popular places to visit in Abia State. It is famous for being called Aro Oke-Igbo. Arochukwu is the 3rd largest city in Abia state and it is the homeland of the subgroup, Aro people. You can visit Arochukwu for fun, and visit the marketplace and the villages there.

Culture and Tourist Centers in Abia State

  • Arochukwu
  • The Amakama wooden cave
  • Azumini Blue River Waterside
  • Caves in the North such as Umunneochi
  • National War Museum
  • Ohafia War Dancers
  • Ekpe Festivals in Umuahia
  • Museum of Colonial History in Aba


Abia state is a beautiful and richest state in Nigeria. It is the 18th richest state in Nigeria. There are also interesting and exciting places that you can visit with your family in Abia state. I hope this article was helpful enough to learn about the states and you found new and exciting things.

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