Things to Know About FCT Abuja Nigeria

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It is worthwhile to know that the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is a federal territory in central Nigeria. Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria is located in this territory. In this article, you will learn new, fun facts, and thrilling things about the Things to know about FCT.

If you love nature and its embodiment, it is important that you know that FCT is surrounded by abundant hills, Savannah grassland, highlands, and tropical rainforest.

Things to Know About FCT Abuja Nigeria

Additionally, Abuja is rich in Mineral resources such as clay, tin, marble, tantalite, and others.  Also, it has a cool climate and less humid season compared to Lagos.

History of FCT

Created in 1976, FCT was formed from parts of the states of old Kwara, Kaduna, Niger and Plateau states. It is within the North central region of the country. Unlike other States in Nigeria with elected governors, it is administered by the Federal Capital Territory Administration.

FCT is located north of the confluence of the River Niger and River Benue. It shares a border with Kaduna to the northeast, Plateau to the east and south, Kogi to the southwest, and Niger to the west and northwest.

Abuja is known to be a Federal Capital Territory in Nigeria and a city in the territory that serves as the capital of Nigeria. Although FCT is smaller than other states in Nigeria, from our research, we discovered that that FCT was chosen as a capital because of its central locations, pleasant climate, easy accessibility, low population, and large land availability.

Abuja City in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)

Abuja is a modern city located near the center of the FCT. Approximately 300 miles northwest of Lagos, the city has several recreational parks and green areas. Abuja also houses the largest park known as the Millennium Park, which was designed by the renowned architect Manfred Nicolette and was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II of England.

In addition, Abuja has lots of magnificent buildings and sites. The Nigerian National Christian Centre, the National mosque, and the federal secretariat complex. Other significant landmarks in Abuja are the Central Bank of Nigeria headquarters, NNPC towers, and Abuja National Stadium.

If you plan to visit the beautiful city of Abuja, you can pay a visit to the attractive recreational parks, green parks, rocks, hillsides, and others.

Administration | Things to know about FCT

The Federal Capital Territory is a compilation of the 36 states and one territory that makes up the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s administrative system. One of the things to know is that Abuja is the location of the Presidential villa, Supreme Court, the National Assembly, and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

FCT comprises phases of districts, Abuja Central which is the city’s primary business zone and includes the national cultural institutes, the city hall, the National Assembly, and other government-related offices, Wuse, Garki, Maitama, and the location of European embassies.

Economy | Things to know about FCT

The mainstay of the economy of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) includes Agriculture. FCT produces maize, yams, millets, beans and sorghum. Mineral resources include Gold, Lead, Iron Ore, Feldspar, Tin, Clay, Marble, and others.

Local Government Area | Things to know about FCT

While the Federal Capital Territory minister administers the whole FCT, the Federal Capital Developmental Authority (FCDA) manages the construction and infrastructure development of the region. Hence, the territory is divided into six local government areas.

  • Abaji
  • Abuja Municipal
  • Bwari
  • Gwagwalada
  • Kuje


There are more than 5 languages that are commonly spoken in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Below are the lists of the languages that are spoken in the Federal Capital Territory.

  • Bassa
  • Dibo
  • Gupa-Abawa
  • Ebira
  • Gangana
  • Bassa Gade
  • Gbayi
  • Gwandara
  • Nupe
  • Hausa
  • Egibra
  • Kami

However, the most popular language that is generally spoken in FCT is Hausa. It is widely spoken by people there.

Cities and Towns in FCT

There are beautiful cities and towns in the Federal Capital Territory that you can visit in FCT. Ranging from exquisite hotels to recreational parks, beautiful buildings, tourist attractions and so much more, here is a list of cities and towns in FCT.

  • Bamburu
  • Gwagwalada
  • Gwarinpe
  • Maitama
  • Maraba
  • Garki
  • Kurunduma
  • Asokoro
  • Karu
  • Kubwa
  • Jikwoyi
  • Masaka
  • New Nyanya
  • Yoba
  • Zuba
  • Yoba


FCT is a beautiful city and the Capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with tons of significant places in Nigeria. I hope this article was helpful to you.

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