Unskilled Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

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Are you searching for unskilled jobs in the USA where you can earn as much as $35 to $50 hourly with a Visa Sponsorship? Or perhaps you want to earn as much as $1,600 to $2,500 USD weekly as an unskilled worker in the USA. In this write-up, you can learn how to find and apply for unskilled jobs in USA with a free visa.

 Unskilled jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

As much as USA employers would like to recruit educated and skilled foreigners for some roles. They also need unskilled individuals for other positions who are open to work and earn as much as $35 to $50 hourly. Most of the time, these occupations can be performed with little to no prior experience. Below are other listed jobs and yearly earnings.

Recruitment experts claim that USA’s unskilled labour is struggling to find employment. Few USA citizens or residents are interested in these positions because they have other options. Currently, there are about a thousand unskilled jobs in USA available for international applicants globally.

More specifically, USA businesses that grant sponsorship are on the lookout for foreign workers as a response to the shortage of unskilled laborers in USA. Consequently, this is a good opportunity for immigrants who are in search of low-skilled employment with sponsorship in USA.

You can apply for unskilled jobs in USA and also get a visa sponsorship. Also, you can enjoy other benefits, including paid leave, health and life insurance, dental and vision coverage, 401(k), and more.

Is There a High Demand for Unskilled Workers in USA?

As stated above, recruitment experts have claimed that there is a huge shortage of unskilled workers in USA. While the majority of these jobs are in skilled occupations, there are a lot of openings in some unskilled occupations as well.

For example, there are 38,000 construction job openings and 45,900 hospitality jobs. Additionally, there are more than 50,000 retail jobs, thousands of jobs as truck drivers, and taxi driver jobs in USA.

The USA government is obligated to provide jobs for unskilled employees due to the urgent need for low-skilled workers in USA for foreign nationals. Unskilled workers’ typical salaries are so high that the minimum pay exceeds $20,000 per annum.

More than a million immigrants will be hired by the USA government to fill open vacancies for low-skilled workers. While residents are not hired for these positions, they represent the best opportunity for you to apply. You can also get a visa sponsorship through your application.

List of Unskilled Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship

There are several low-skill jobs in USA that you can apply for and also get Visa Sponsorship for. For 2022/2023, some of the popular low-skill jobs for foreigners are:

  • Truck Driver
  • Housekeepers
  • Cook/ Chef
  • Farm Workers
  • Factory Worker
  • Cleaner
  • Front Desk Agent
  • Meat Cutter
  • Food Processor Worker
  • Construction Worker
  • Bakery Worker
  • Seasonal Farm Worker
  • Gardner
  • Cashier
  • Receptionist
  • Room Attendant
  • Supermarket Worker
  • Dishwasher
  • Gas Station Worker
  • Crop Harvesting Worker
  • Fruit Picker
  • Chocolate Packer
  • Food Counter Attendant
  • Live Caregiver
  • Driver Helper

How to Find Unskilled Employment in USA With Sponsorship

Thanks to online job websites and social media platforms. You can find and apply for unskilled jobs in USA with sponsorship. Besides, you don’t need to have experience to apply for unskilled jobs. This is because you will be fully trained by your employer. Some of the best websites to find unskilled jobs in USA with a free visa include;

  • Indeed.com
  • Google Jobs
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Simply Hire
  • Zip Recruiter
  • Monster
  • Jobboom
  • Totaljobs
  • Eluta
  • Robert Half

You can find available jobs in USA with visa sponsorship for low-skilled workers by searching through any of the above-listed platforms.

Requirements Needed to Apply for Unskilled Jobs in USA for International Applicants

Foreigners who would like to apply for unskilled jobs in USA must meet the following requirements and eligibility:

  • Must satisfy and match the requirements of the position.
  • English language learning and communication skills.
  • For applicants who can speak French, this is an advantage.
  • The bare minimum of education is technical.
  • The age range must be 21 to 39 years.
  • Legal passports and other documentation are required.

Finally, your employer must have a good Labor Market Impact Assessment document before hiring international workers. You can ask your employer to get the document after completing your registration online.

How to Apply for Low-Skill Jobs in USA With a Free Visa Online

Here you will learn how to apply for low-skilled jobs in USA with free visa sponsorship. Before starting your application, make sure your documents are ready.

Also, make sure your CV or resume meets the USA Employment Standards. Lastly, have a stable internet connection with a computer application. Here are the steps and guidelines to follow:

  • Go to www.indeed.com/Visa-Sponsorship,unskilled-Jobs-in-USA-jobs-in.
  • Search for available low-skill jobs with Visa Sponsorship.
  • Carefully go through the list and select from the options.
  • To start your application, tap on “APPLY Now.”
  • Upload your resume or CV.
  • Complete the field by entering your accurate information and following the prompt.

After completing your application, you have been approved. Visit the USA Embassy or Consulate in your country to start your visa sponsorship application. You will need your valid passport, your certificate of nationality, and other relevant documents.

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