Where To Go Shopping In Cross River State 

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Where to go shopping in Cross River State? So you have been planning to spoil yourself, but don’t know where to go? Fortunately, in this article, you will find centers where you can shop and spoil yourself. Due to the rise of urbanization, the state has invested in shopping centers unlike before, thus forming the foundation for local economic growth and a sanctuary for window shoppers and fun lovers. 

Where To Go Shopping In Cross River State 

Where To Go Shopping In Cross River State 

There are so many shopping centers in Cross River state, but we have listed some of these centers; 

1. Calabar Mall 

Calabar Mall is one of the biggest and most visited shopping centers in the state. It is a complete retail and entertainment center with almost 50 shops (if not more). Plus, there is a 5-screen multiplex. Since its flagship is SPAR, it is referred to as the SPAR Mall in Cross River.  

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2. Tinapa Shopping Centre 

A shopping center where you can get your shopping needs satisfied. At Tinapa Shopping Centre, you will find an array of displays of world-class brands such as designer labels, electronics, art, fabrics, jewels, perfumes, etc. It is located in the capital city of the state; Calabar. 

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3. Big Qua Shopping Complex 

If you’re looking for where to go shopping in Cross River State, Big Qua Shopping Complex is another great option. It has many shops selling different varieties of items that are accessible to anyone including the disabled. This is one of the recommended places to go shopping in the state. 

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4. NYOVAT Shopping Mall 

NYOVAT Shopping Mall is recognized as one of the most popular shopping malls in the state. It is a place to get all your household and personal items. And believe me, you get affordable prices for the items you purchase. This is one of those places you go shopping until you’re tired as you will be presented with an array of affordable items. 

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5. Livingston Shopping Complex 

Another place to go shopping in Cross River state is Livingston Shopping Complex. This shopping complex is known for relaxation and comfort. It is one of the centers in the state where you can go shopping solo, with friends, or with family. Plus, it is also a good place to relax and unwind, so after shopping, you can relax before leaving. 

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6. Onyx Plaza 

An open space marketplace housing a good number of retail stores selling different items including personal use and household. Onyx Plaza is a good spot to go shopping and is open to satisfy your needs from Monday to Saturday. 

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7. Shoprite Plaza 

Are you looking for where to go shopping in Cross River State? Shoprite Plaza is a perfect destination. This location sells an extensive range of items and goods for personal use, household, and others. Plus, it is one of the best centers in the state. 

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8. Malabor Stores 

Another shopping center in Cross River is Malabor Stores. Though it is lacking a few things and new adjustments, it is still one of the centers in the state to get your shopping needs satisfied. You can get almost anything you need here. 

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9. CannonBall Supermarket 

CannonBall Supermarket is another place to do your shopping in the state. Not quite as big as some of the ones listed, however, you can get almost anything you need here. It is a cool place to do your shopping, especially on Sundays and public holidays. Furthermore, you will have fun shopping here. 

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10. Berger Paint Calabar Deport 

For your painting needs, Berger Paint Calabar Deport is your best bet. This is a place selling different quantities and quality paints at affordable prices. Plus, delivery is fast as their trucks can deliver. 

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11. Poshe 

Focused on designing men’s and women’s fashion clothing, Poshe is one of the best places to go shopping in Cross River. Whether you want to shop for native or English wears, this place got you covered. Plus, if you want to learn sewing, this is a perfect place. 

12. Babies Items Centre 

This is your one-stop for babies’ clothing, checklist, baby gear, diapers, and many others. Whether you’re expecting a baby or a new mom or dad, this is a good place to get your baby’s needs. 

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13. Marian Market 

Regarded as the largest market in the state, Marian market sells a wide range of goods and wares. It is one of the best places to get your shopping needs satisfied with items like clothing, electronics, furniture, provisions, and many others.  

14. Ikom Market 

Ikom Market is another place to go shopping in Cross River state. It is situated near the Nigerian Cameroonian border, so it is very easy to locate. At this market, you get to buy goods like bags, shoes, and clothing for both women and men. 

15. Beach Market 

This is an open-air market located by the waterfront consisting of a row of stalls and umbrella stands. Beach Market specializes in selling different clothing. So, if you are looking for where to go shopping in Cross River State, you should consider checking this place out 

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16. Lu Gold Store

Lu Gold Store is one of the top shopping destinations in Cross River State, and it specializes in sales and delivery of major household appliances and electronics. So, if you’re looking for where to shop for your household appliances, this is a good place.

17. Jocliff Household and Gift Shop

This is a one-stop shopping arena for household items like gas cookers, microwaves, flower pots & vases, wine & water glasses, mugs, kettles, blenders, and gift items. If you need a place to shop for new gift items, your best bet is here.

18. Watt Market

Watt Market is one of the largest public markets in Calabar that is located in the middle hub of Old Town. It features shops, stalls, and owner-operated businesses selling a variety of goods such as fresh tomatoes, vegetables, grocery items, etc.


Did we miss any other big spot in the state that you want on the list? Please use the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends on your social media accounts, and bookmark it. 

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