Where To Go Shopping In Enugu State 

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Looking for where to go shopping in Enugu state? Well, you’re in luck because we have shared a compiled list of centers catering to the shopping needs of residents and visitors. Enugu is a state in the Southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria, and it has lots of nice places to check including your next favorite shopping center. 

Where To Go Shopping In Enugu State 

Where To Go Shopping In Enugu State 

With that said, here is our list of where to go shopping in Enugu state:

1. Polo Park Mall 

Polo Park Mall is a premium shopping mall with a wide variety of shops attracting a lot of people. It is one of the best malls in the state to go shopping. Aside from shops and stores where you can get almost anything you want, there is a cinema where you can relax and see a movie after shopping. 

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2. Roban Stores 

Selling a variety of products, Roban Stores is a hypermarket located on Agbani Road Enugu. It is a retail store with departments for groceries, fashion, beers, cosmetics, and many others. So, whatever you want to shop for, chances are that you’ll get them here.  

3. Enugu Mall 

Enugu Mall is one of the best malls in the state to go shopping. The mall is nicely structured with different shops and stores selling the best quality goods possible. Plus, the customer service is great, so you will definitely have a good time here.  

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4. Impala Plaza 

Impala Plaza is another place to go shopping in Enugu state. It is located in the heart of Independence layout. Furthermore, the state mall houses the Jumia collection point. This is one of the best places to go shopping in Enugu. 

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5. Ojels The University Mall 

For your grocery needs, Ojels the University Mall is a great spot. It is a shopping center where you can get your groceries, provisions, and many other things. Plus, there is a mini lounge/ bar for happy hour. You retire to chill at the bar after shopping. 

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6. Market Square 

Shopping at the market square will be fun as there are enough staff and company representatives to assist you. If you’re in Enugu or planning to visit, this is one of the shopping centers to check for your needs. There is a wide selection of items and goods you can shop for. Trust me, you’re a step away from finding your new favorite shopping center in the state. 

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7. Blessed Olivetex Electronics 

For electronic needs, this is where to check out. This is an electronic store offering maintenance, sales, repairs, and installation of various electronics. Whether you’re having issues with your electronics or looking for where to get new ones, Blessed Olivetex Electronics is a good spot. 

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8. Charity Bookshop 

As a bookworm, you will love Charity Bookshop. It is a bookshop stocking novels, subject books inspirational books, etc. Looking to buy some new books, this is where to visit. Both books for secondary students and tertiary institutions can be purchased here. 

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9. Chase Mall 

Chase Mall might not be as big as some of the places on this list, but it is a good mall with different shops and stores selling fashion, groceries, accessories, etc. If you are looking for where to go shopping in Enugu state, this is one of the places to check out. 

10. D & M Plaza 

D & M Plaza is one of the shopping centers in Enugu. It is a Storey building with supermarkets, game stores, pharmacies, and others. At this center, you will get almost everything you want at affordable prices. 

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11. GAME Stores 

This is a cool place to get your gaming needs fulfilled. You will certainly find what you visit here for. Plus, you’d feel so comfortable shopping in this place. GAME Stores is cozy and interesting with affordable goods. 

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12. Sazodo Plaza 

Another center for shopping is Sazodo Plaza. It is a big complex house, and all its apartments are used for shops and stores. Also, there are studios where you can take pictures. This is one of the best places to go shopping. 

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13. Nwaka Investment Shopping Center 

This is where to go for all your wedding suit shopping and other classic wear. A visit to Nwaka Investment Shopping Center will convince you of how luxurious and classic their wears and trust me, you will have a good time. 

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14. Paulson Shopping Center

This is a daily-need retail provision store that sells beverages, personal care items, baby products, and many more. Paulson Shopping Center is one of the highly recommended shopping centers in Enugu State. You can find this store at Old Artisan Market, Asata, Enugu State.

15. Didi Discount Shop

Didi Discount Shop is a shopping center in Enugu State that offers wholesale and retail sales of a wide range of goods basically kids’ items such as clothing, toys, shoes, playmat items, baby care items, etc. It is a good place to go for baby item shopping.

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16. Garden Plaza

This is a one-storey shopping complex with various shops and stores rendering sales and services to customers. These products and service range from groceries to furniture, healthcare services, and many others. A highly recommended shopping center.

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Those are the places we could come up with. So feel free to let us know if there’s a major center we missed out on. Also, don’t forget to check out our blog for more. Add us to your bookmark list to stay updated. 

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