Nice Places To Hangout In Aburi Ghana

Wondering if there are nice places to hangout in Aburi? Ever visited a new scene or place and felt stunned or awestruck at how natural and beautiful the place is? This happens in Aburi. The place might not be as popular as the other cities and towns in Ghana, but shouldn’t fool you.

Yes, Aburi is small, but is a beautiful upcoming tourist destination, and believe me, it is worth a visit. This place is full of nature and nice places to visit. A trial will have you coming back to revisit. It is a nice destination to take a break and relax.

So, if Aburi is a place you plan to visit or maybe just hearing about it for the first time, then you should visit.

Nice Place To Hangout In Aburi

Nice Places To Hangout In Aburi Ghana to Have a Good Time 

Here is a list of places to hang out or sightsee in Aburi;

Aburi Botanical Gardens

Of course, this will come first. Aburi Botanical Gardens is a place to visit. The garden features animals and plants making it a good destination to relax and see nature. This botanical garden served as a refuge during colonial times for dignitaries and others who needed to get away. The weather here is very pleasant and it is conveniently located close to the coast.

Aburi botanical gardens attracts visitors from all of Ghana as well as other countries. This is a nice place to picnic.

Shai Hills Resource Reserve Is One Of The Nice Place To Hangout In Aburi

The Shai Hills Resource Reserve is home to some of the best species in Ghana. Mornings here are the best times to see the majority of different creatures such as monkeys, antelopes, etc. This place is a top tourist destination in the Eastern Region of Ghana, so if you are looking for the best camping experience, visit here.

Aburi Obosomase Waterfalls

Another top site to hangout in Aburi is the Obosomase Waterfalls. It is located around 150 metres from the Aburi Township. This stunning place offers a picturesque natural setting. Nature is all around here.

Aburi Mountains Is One Of The Nice Place To Hangout In Aburi

Aburi Mountains is another place. If you are looking to do some exercises and perhaps lose some weight, then you can consider visiting here. You will likely encounter other people who have already started climbing the mountains. If you like meeting new people, then this site is ideal for you.

Aburi Craft Village

The Craft Village at Aburi is known for its modern and inventive artifacts, however, there may be traces of cultural and historical influence occasionally. If you love African Arts and Crafts, then visiting this place with your friends will be pleasing. The craft village is in the process of becoming the destination for genuine antiquities in West Africa.

Peduase Valley Resort Is One Of The Nice Place To Hangout In Aburi

Peduase Valley Resort is a family-friendly hotel in Aburi. The resort is renowned for its exceptional hospital. It offers the perfect environment for comfort, relaxation, events, conferences, and all business purposes. The resort is a great place to hangout with friends and family for a weekend getaway.


There are places in Aburi for you to hangout with friends. What are your thoughts on these destinations? Have you visit Aburi? If yes, how was your experience? Feel free to use the comment and tell us.

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