Nice Places To Hangout In Tema Ghana

Are you looking for nice places to hangout in Tema? Perhaps you are curious to find out if there are hangout spots in Tema. Whatever your reason is, Tema is one of the cities in Ghana where you can chill and relax with friends.

There are opportunities for fun in Tema for families, friends, and lovers. Tema is a city on the Bright of Benin and Atlantic Coast of Ghana and is located 25 kilometers from the capital city; Accra. With that said, let’s proceed to look at the places in the city where you can hangout and chill.

Nice Places To Hangout In Tema

Nice Places To Hangout In Tema Ghana to Have a Good Time 

Below are some of the nice places in the city of Tema to hang out, unwind, and simply relax;

Tropicana Lounge

One of the nice places in Tema is Tropicana lounge. It is a cocktail bar that is calm with excellent service. The lounge is one of the hangout places in the city and is highly recommended for anyone to visit.

Matter of fact, this is more for balling, so if you are looking to ball with friends, then you should check out this place.

Maria’s Restaurant Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Tema

Maria’s restaurant is one of the best places in Tema to enjoy delicious meals. The atmosphere is nice with a refreshing essence. Also, it has a nice outdoor sitting area to chill and chat with friends.

Whatever your cravings are, chances are that you will get them satisfied here. Whether pizza, Lebanese meals, local delicacies, etc. The menu is mouthwatering and trust me, you and your group will definitely enjoy hanging out here.

Khana Khazana Tema

Another nice restaurant with a variety of meals to choose from is Khana Khazana Tema. From your local meals, Indian, and Chinese to Continental meals, the menu is long. Also, the service is somewhat great, I mean they can do better, but it is worth visiting. Of course, it won’t be on our list if it was worth checking out.

Bar Rosso Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Tema

You know those kinds of weekend hangouts where you just want to chill and let the atmosphere fill you? Well, Bar Rosso is a nice place to be. In other words, it is a place for your weekend vibes. So, if you want to enjoy your weekend with friends, then you should give this place a try today.

Gido’s Pub

Gido’s Pub is a very cool and serene atmosphere to hangout with friends, family, or loved ones. It is one of the best joints for food and drinks that is highly recommended. As a lover of pubs, trust me, you will enjoy visiting this place.

Agbamami Chop Bar Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Tema

Another place to hang out with friends in the city is Agbamami Chop Bar. It is a nice and very relaxing venue to hangout with friends and family. Good food and a hygienic environment.


Those are our top places in Tema to hangout and have a chill time with friends and family. We hope you find the places above helpful and also check them out. What is your favorite hangout spot in Tema? Is your favorite venue on our list? Please use the comment section below.

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