Nice Places To Hangout in Yaba Lagos Nigeria

Located centrally between the Island and Mainland metro, Yaba is one of the most chilling and budding neighborhoods in Lagos. Also, there are lots of nice places to hangout in Yaba. With an array of educational institutions including the Lagos State University, I don’t think you will run out of cool places to hangout with friends.

Being a smart city on the mainland, a lot of people believe there are no fun places to visit there. Sorry to break to you, but Yaba has a fair enough number of nice places, and below we will be listing some.

Nice Places To Hangout in Yaba

Nice Places To Hangout in Yaba Lagos to Have a Wonderful Time 

Though the list of nice places to hangout in Yaba is not as broad as the island and other neighborhoods on Mainland. Below is our list of fun places in Yaba to hangout this weekend;

The Yard Stick Lounge

One place in Yaba that you can visit to have the most fun is the Yard stick lounge. It offers a great ambiance to help you relax and unwind. I’d recommend this place as it is a nice spot for group hangouts and quick meetings.

So, if you are in Yaba and looking for a place to visit or hangout with friends this weekend, this is a destination to check out.

Address: 14 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo yaba 101245, Lagos

Silver Café Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout in Yaba

Another place to hangout with friends in Yaba is Silver café. It is a nice place to hang out, especially for those that like night hangouts.

Address: 1-11 Commercial Ave, Sabo yaba 101245, Lagos

Soul Food Restaurant

If you are looking to satisfy your soul with food, Soul food restaurant is the place to go. It is a cozy budget-friendly spot in Yaba. The restaurant has a calm and relaxed vibe that will help you chill and unwind. Also, it is perfect for dates, so, you can take your significant other here for a relaxed evening.

Address: 51 St Finbarr’s College Rd, Yaba 100213, Lagos

Purple Bistro

A modern fusion in Yaba to help you enjoy, unwind, and relax is the Purple Bistro. The menu at the bistro is very affordable yet yummy. It offers an incredible ambiance with a cozy space to let you have your privacy.

Address: 3 University Rd, opposite First City Monument Bank, Yaba 101245, Lagos

Papiee’s Meatro Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout in Yaba

Want a grill bar? Well, Papiee’s Meatro is where to go and it is right in Yaba, so you don’t have to bother about going over to the Island. It is a perfect place to simply relax and have drinks with friends.

Address: 18b Moore Rd, Yaba 101245, Lagos

Nkwobi Palace and Rich Bite BBQ Spot

So, you enjoy eating Nkwobi? Well, this is the place for you to visit. It serves some of the best Nkwobi and grilled catfish. The Nkwobi here is well prepared and trust me, you will ask for more after one.

White House Restaurant Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout in Yaba

For the best local delicacies, the White House is the place to go. It is located close to Ozone Cinema. The place is best known for serving mouthwatering local delicacies.

Address: 9 Chapel St, Yaba 101245, Lagos

Ozone Cinema

Another nice place to hangout in Yaba is Ozone Cinema. It is perfect for a first date. You can visit this place and see a movie or thriller. Also, there is a bar where you can sit and enjoy a bottle of drink.

Address: Ozone e-centre, 1-11 Commercial Ave, Yaba 101241, Lagos

The Nest Lounge

The Nest Lounge is another one of the places to hangout in Yaba, trust me, visiting here will be fun. It is such a serene place to hang out if you’re on a budget. The ambiance is very nice, plus it doubles as a workstation. You and your friends will have so much fun visiting this place.
Address: 1A Hughes Ave, Yaba 101245, Lagos

Banilux Bar

This is a nice place to hangout and it has good customer service. If you’re in the Yaba axis and looking for where to hang out, this is one of the places I’d recommend for you. Trust me, you will have s much fun here.

Address: Sabo yaba 101245, Lagos

OShey Bar & Chops

Another wonderful place to hang out in Yaba is OShey Bar & Chops. Need a cool venue in Yaba to let off steam, look no further. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or alone, this is a very good destination to check out. A very good place, but it’s quite noisy.

Address: 31 Commercial Ave, Sabo yaba 100001, Lagos


Chillspot is a nice and cozy place to chill, not the usual menu for a restaurant located on the mainland, but trust me, you will love it here. A perfect destination to take your partner out on a date if you’re both at the Yaba axis.

Address: University of Lagos Sports Complex, Yaba 100213, Lagos

Joylistic Bar & Restaurant

Joylistic Bar & Restaurant is a cool spot in Yaba to relax and have a good time. So, if you’re looking for nice places to hangout in Yaba, this is one of the spots I’d recommend. Believe me, you will have a lovely time here.

Address: 38 Iwaya Road. Yaba Yaba, Yaba 102273, Lagos


The above is some of the places in Yaba to hangout. Did we miss a spot you’d recommend? Perhaps, you want to share your thoughts? Please use the comment box below because we would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yaba an island or mainland?

Yaba is a popular city district in the Lagos Mainland.

What is Yaba Lagos known for?

Yaba is known as a go-to place for technology renaissance in Africa with many tech startups.

Is Yaba a good place to live?

Yes, Yaba is a good place to live. The city tends to the needs of its residents by providing good estates for privacy and security.

Where is the busiest place in Lagos?

Ikeja is the busiest place in place and it is also the capital city of the state.

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