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Looking for where to go shopping in Al Ain? Although Al Ain is known as the desert destination in the UAE, Al Ain could be a paradise for shoppers. In fact, the shopping centers in this city offer a unique shopping experience for visitors. So, if you are a shopaholic and looking for where to go shopping in Al Ain, well here are some of the top centers in the city to visit for a fun-filled shopping experience.  

Where To Go Shopping In Al Ain 

Here is a list of the best shopping destinations in Al Ain to the best of our knowledge, if we miss a spot you will want on the list, please use the comment box below to let us know; 

1. Al Ain Mall 

Al Ain Mall is regarded as one of the most interesting and fascinating malls in the United Arab Emirates. If you’re in the city, this mall is a paradise not to miss out on. It is one of the best shopping centers in the city. With many shopping options, trust me, you will have so much fun. Furthermore, you will find some top brands like Armani, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Burberry, and many others. 

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 2. Al Foah Mall 

This is a center for a world-class shopping experience. Al Foah Mall is one of the top shopping malls in Al Ain to visit. There are many options to pick from at this mall. Whatever you’re looking to buy, chances are that you will find them here. Aside from shopping, you can enjoy some fine dining experiences as well. Whether you are new in the city or just visiting, this is one of the shopping centers to get your shopping done. 

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3. Bawadi Mall 

Not exactly the biggest mall in Al Ain, but it is one of the highly recommended places to go shopping. This mall features multiple shopping options ranging from clothes, shoes, groceries, jewelry, drinks, and many others. You can find some high-end brands in this mall as well, so if you’re in for some world-class shopping experiences, check this place out. 

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4. Al Jimi Mall 

Where to go shopping in Al Ain? Have you checked out Al Jimi Mall? This is yet another one of the nice shopping centers in the city, that is rapidly becoming a top choice for many people. It is a fine spot to experience the best shopping experience in the United Arab Emirates. In this mall, you will find different shopping options, so whatever you’re looking to buy, this is one of the centers to visit. 

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5. Hili Mall 

Hili Mall is another of the finest spots in the city attracting both residents and visitors. It is a three Storey high mall with more than 100 retail outlets. With options in categories like clothes, electronics, fashion household goods, home décor, and many others, believe me, this is a good center to go shopping. Besides shopping, this mall offers fine culinary experiences, so after a long day of shopping, you can retire to any of the eateries to taste the rich meals. 

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6. Barari Outlet Mall 

Barari Outlet Mall is one of the best malls in the city to visit, especially during Eid. The mall features a variety of retailers including a hypermarket, Lulu, and many others. Plus, there is a prayer hall, baby care room, and a first aid station. It is one of the best shopping centers in the city to get your needs satisfied. And believe me, you don’t want to miss visiting here. 

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7. Remal Mall 

This is an ideal location to go shopping, more like a supermarket with many outlets to shop from. Remal Mall is one of the malls in the city I would recommend to anyone who wants to have a shopping experience that is only offered in Al Ain. 

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8. Al Ain City Centre 

Another fun shopping center to visit is Al Ain City Centre. It is one of the best centers to have a wonderful shopping experience. If you’re looking for where to buy items in the city, this is one of the highly recommended spots. 

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Those are the shopping centers in Al Ain we could come up with, if there is somewhere missing, please use the comment section below. Where is your favorite place to go shopping in Al Ain? We’d love to hear from you. 

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