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Looking for where to go shopping in Sharjah for a perfect shopping experience? Well, we have got you covered. In this article, you will find a list of some of the best shopping destinations in Sharjah. Shopping in Sharjah is one of the best, so if you have picked this destination to meet your shopping needs, you are on the right article.  

Where To Go Shopping In Sharjah 

Sharjah is the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates, and there are a good number of shopping centers. Aside from the malls in the city, there are individual souks and boutiques where you can go shopping. Ranging from apparel and electronics to perfumes and jewels, there is a diverse array of affordable items.  

Where To Go Shopping In Sharjah

Whatever your shopping needs are, there is a good chance that you will get them in Sharjah at any of the shopping centers below; 

1. Sharjah City Centre 

One of the places to go shopping in Sharjah is Sharjah City Centre. It houses more than 120 international brands, and there are stores where you can get electronics, furniture, toys, stationery, etc. Trust me, you can find almost everything in this center. Some of the common brands you can find in this center include Aeropostale, H&M, Levi’s, Balmain, Miniso, Aldo Shoes, Accessorize, etc. After a day of shopping, you can treat yourself to some fine dining experience as well. 

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2. Sahara Centre 

Sahara Centre is one of the leading malls in Sharjah, and shopping here comes with a guaranteed good time. In this center, you will find a wide variety of shopping outlets, fine options, and entertainment. This is a good spot to go for fashion shopping as there are some fashion stores like Allen Solly, Da Milano, La Senza, Mango, Lifestyle, Promod, and others.  

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3. Al Arsah Souk 

To get your money’s worth, Al Arsah Souk is among the best souks in the city to go shopping. This souk is a place for the cheapest shopping experience in Sharjah. I would advise you to visit during the weekdays if you want to avoid big crowds. It is a very accessible and convenient place to go shopping. 

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4. Al Jubail Souk 

A good place to get your groceries. Al Jubail Souk houses different markets including meat stalls, fish stalls, dates, and many others. This is not a vegetarian spot, so if you’re one, I’d advise you to miss this place. Though there are many other stalls to shop from here, you will still likely come across meats and fish.  

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5. Central Souk 

If you love cosmetics and want to get good quality at affordable prices, Central Souk is probably where you should be. This location specializes in the wholesale provision, and when you buy different items, you get better deals. 

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6. Mega Mall 

Mega Mall is one of the best destinations in Sharjah to go shopping. A place to get designer bags, and other clothing items. Navigating and getting your needs here is quite easy. Although the mall is usually crowded, you can always navigate through it. Mega Mall is one of the shopping destinations I’d recommend to anyone who wants to experience shopping on a different level. 

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7. Safeer Mall 

For your premium fashion shopping, Safeer Mall is a good place. There are many international brands on display, and they are frequented by celebrities and high rollers. Aside from fashion, in this place, you can find a wide selection of prints, paintings, kitchen goods, and furniture. 

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8. City Center Mall 

An iconic place to go shopping is Sharjah. City Center Mall is more likely to put a smile on your face if you’re a fan of cosmetics. This is because it is touted to be a haven for makeup enthusiasts. It is a big mall, so, of course, you can get your other needs like gadgets, groceries, fashion, jewels, etc. However, it is a safe place for make-up lovers. 

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9. Ansar Mall 

Searching for where to go shopping in Sharjah? Well, Ansar Mall is yet another one of the best destinations. A very nice spot to let out steam while shopping. There is something for everybody in this mall ranging from beauty salons to fine dining, fashion stores, etc.  

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10. Central Market 

Central Market is a good shopping center with a fascinating architectural style and shopping experience. You will have so much fun shopping at this center. The market has more than 600 shops selling electronic appliances, gift products, clothes, jewelry, rugs, and many others. 

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11. Zero 6 Mall 

Zero 6 Mall is an ideal location for luxury seekers. It is one of the newest shopping centers in Sharjah where you can find your needs and have fun doing so. To experience that flawless shopping experience, this is where to go shopping as it offers you high-end brands, restaurants with international delicacies, and entertainment options.  

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12. Oasis Mall 

Did you recently move to Sharjah or maybe visiting and are searching for where to go shopping? If yes, Oasis Mall might just be a good option for you. It offers customers a good shopping experience. Whether you want to shop for gifts, home supplies, groceries, drinks, fashion, bags, etc., this is a good place to visit. You will enjoy visiting here because it is not crowded at all. 

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13. Matajer Al Quoz 

This is another one-stop destination for your needs. Matajer Al Quoz is one of the Majid Al Futtaim where you can find a variety of stores and brands. In this shopping center, you will find fashion stores, different dining options, a hypermarket, cafes, and much more.  

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14. Al Shaab Village 

An ideal location for affordable shopping and entertainment in Sharjah. Al Shaab Village is one of the highly recommended shopping centers in the city. This place brings you a variety of shopping options and products at affordable prices and good quality. Plus, you will have fun shopping in this area. 

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Those are the top shopping centers in Sharjah we could come up with to the best of our knowledge. So, if there is a spot we have missed, please let us know in the comment box below. Don’t hesitate to share this post and add us to your bookmark to stay updated. 

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