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Did you come across this post using the search term “Where to go shopping in Fujairah?” If yes, you have clicked on the right article, because you will find a list of some shopping centers in Fujairah. Fujairah has a fair number of shopping centers to visit, despite being the least populated emirate.  

Where To Go Shopping In Fujairah 

14 Top Places you can Go for Shopping In Fujairah 

Whether you are visiting or a resident of Fujairah, these are some of the shopping centers to visit to meet your needs; 

1. City Centre Fujairah 

City Centre Fujairah is one of the biggest malls in Fujairah, thus making it one of the nicest shopping destinations. It houses about 100 brands, a hypermarket, restaurants, magic planet, cinemas, etc. This is one of the best centers to go shopping in the emirate. Whether you’re a local or new, trust me, you will have fun shopping in this place. 

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2. Fujairah Mall 

Another fine shopping destination to visit is the Fujairah Mall. It is a two Storey complex with more than 60 shops across 35, 000 square meters of space. The mall is set against the majestic Hajar Mountains, so it overlooks stunning nature views. You get to shop while taking a glimpse of nature. For the best shopping experience in Fujairah, I’d advise you to visit this spot. 

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3. Lulu Mall 

Lulu Mall is another ideal destination in Fujairah to go shopping. The mall has over 100 stores including a Lulu hypermarket and Department store, Daiso, Fitness 360, and many more. This mall is very easy to access and is majestically situated near the Fujairah International Airport. Plus, it is mostly visited by travelers and tourists in the emirate. Whatever your shopping needs are, there is a good chance you will get them here. 

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4. Century Mall 

Covering about 78,000 square meters of land area, Century Mall is one of the big malls in Fujairah. It houses some famous stores like Carrefour, Fun City, My Safeer, etc. There are many retail outlets to pick from when shopping in this mall. It is a very good place to go with your shopping list. 

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5. H&M 

H&M is a chain retailer supplying trendy clothing, accessories, shoes, and swimwear. If you’re in Fujairah and looking for where to go shopping for clothes, this is the place for you. There is a wide selection of products to choose from at good prices. Aside from offering good quality products at good prices, you also get to have a wonderful shopping experience. 

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Situated inside Fujairah City Centre, KASHKHA is a leading international retail brand for modest fashion. It is where to go if you want to weave traditional Arabian style mixed with modern style. It offers a good range of women’s clothing for every occasion with a good selection of Jalabiyas, Hijabs, modest fashion, and nightwear. 

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7. Mango 

This is one of the best places for ladies shopping in Fujairah providing amazing quality and good prices. If you’re looking for where to get your fashion shopping done Mango is one of the spots to consider. Believe me, you will love visiting this place, and a visit here will convince you to revisit. 

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This is a men’s shopping destination in Fujairah to get your clothing shopping done. It is one of the stores selling wear for gentlemen. Whatever your fashion needs might be, there is a good selection for you at this center. 

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9. Annabelle 

Annabelle is another shopping center for women who are looking to change or upgrade their wardrobe. A place for anything related to women’s fashion. Furthermore, you will have so much fun visiting this place. Trust me, this is one of the fashion shopping stores in Fujairah you don’t want to miss. 

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10. Louzan Fashion 

Louzan Fashion is located inside the Fujairah Mall and is one of the shopping centers in Fujairah to get your fashion needs met. The store offers value at very affordable prices. Also, a visit here will consider you to revisit. 

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BRANDS is one of the best places for formal selection, so if you are looking for where to get your fashion needs, I’d recommend it here. Also, the workers are very friendly, lively and professional, so you are guaranteed a very good time while shopping. 

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12. Max Fashion 

Looking for where to go shopping in Fujairah for clothes? There are many good spots to go fashion shopping in Fujairah, and one of them is Max Fashion. It is among the best spots to get your fashion needs met. You get to shop for good quality clothes at good prices. 

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13. Fashion Planet 

Fashion Planet is a superb destination to go for cloth shopping. In this shopping center, you will find a good range of clothing collections to choose from. Whether you want to change your wardrobe or upgrade your fashion sense, this is a good place to visit. 

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14. Black & White Abaya & Design 

For the best Abaya designs in Fujairah, this is where to visit. Black & White Abaya & Design has a good selection of clothing, and they come in excellent quality. However, the prices are quite expensive. Aside from the prices, this is actually a very good place to go shopping. 

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There you have our list of the top places to go shopping in Fujairah. If there’s a shopping center you want on the list, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below to let us know. Also, don’t forget to bookmark and share this post with your friends. 

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