Where To Go Shopping In Lagos State 

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Are you looking for where to go shopping in Lagos state? When it comes to shopping in Nigeria Lagos has the best locations for that. The shopping malls that will be listed below will fulfill your needs largely. Where you are seeking a place to go outside and shop while having fun, Lagos state has the best options. 

Where To Go Shopping In Lagos State 

Whether you’re visiting or living in the state, you will appreciate the centers below. Lagos state Is not just the most populous state in Nigeria, but it is also known for its wild and fast-paced life. Whatever your shopping needs are, believe me, you will find a good spot to shop and have fun.

14 Places To Go for Shopping In Lagos State 

With that said, let’s take a quick rundown of where to go shopping in Lagos state:

1. Ikeja City Mall 

Popularly known as ICM, this mall is one of the biggest malls in the state catering to the needs of shoppers. Many visitors and Lagosians visit this place every day. The mall comprises more than 100 stores. It is also home to world-class jewelers, department stores, cafes, restaurants, etc. While shopping here, believe me, you will have a good time buying all your shopping needs. 

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2. The Palms Shopping Mall 

Followed by ICK, the Palms shopping mall is yet another nice place to go shopping in Lagos state. And our list will be incomplete without mentioning this place. Sitting on a 45,000 square meter plot of land in Lekki, this mall is home to over 60 stores. If you’re living around Lekki, then it would be impossible to miss this center. It is one of the best places to get your shopping needs satisfied. 

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3. Maryland Mall 

Another favorite of many Lagosian, especially those on the mainland is the Maryland Mall. Also, known as the big black box. Not only can you get your shopping needs fulfilled here, but it’s also a great place for family and friends to have fun. It offers a wide range of luxury brands and serves the needs of the residents of Maryland Mall, and its environment. If you’re seeking a center to relax, and have fun while shopping, this is one of the perfect spots to consider. 

4. Novare Lekki Mall 

Novare is yet another mall in Lekki that caters to the shopping needs of residents and visitors alike. This mall boasts high-end brands. It is easily accessible, so there is no way you will be able to miss out. Want to hit the mega stores in one go? Novare Lekki Mall is your go-to. Aside from fulfilling the needs of people, it is also home to Shoprite, Genesis Cinemas, and many others. So, if you get tired of shopping, which I doubt you will, there are fun things to do. 

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5. Festival Mall 

Festival Mall is where to go shopping in Lagos state if you’re around Festac. It is the largest and most visited mall in Festac and its environment. There is a variety of retail stores where you can shop for almost everything you need. Since its opening in 2015, the mall has been a center for Lagosian and visitors to get their shopping needs met. 

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6. Circle Mall 

Circle Mall is another one of the nice places to go shopping in Lagos state. Not quite as famous as many malls on the list, but it is one of your best bets for getting your shopping needs fulfilled. Plus, it is the fastest-growing family mall in Lagos state. A very convenient place to take your family shopping. 

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7. Balogun Market 

Also referred to as Eko Market, Balogun Market is a go-to place for the best textile and fabrics in the state. At this place, you can get almost any piece of clothing you want. With its variety and ranges of handmade clothes, laces, etc., believe me, you will have fun visiting here. This is the kind of place you dedicate a day just for shopping and buying everything you need because you will keep seeing something nice. 

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8. Tejuosho Market 

Tejuosho Market used to be a rowdy and disorganized marketplace, but it is now an ultra-modern market where you can get your shopping needs. Offering a great deal of fashionable and trendy wear at affordable prices, this might just be your next favorite place to go. 

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9. Oshodi Market 

As one of the popular markets in Lagos state, Oshodi Market is one of the places to go shopping. It was once a very disorganized center, but it is now very easy to navigate and find clothing. For your clothing needs to be fulfilled, I’d recommend this place for, electronics, foodstuff, etc. You can easily get to the market from any part of Lagos. 

10. Yaba Market 

An affordable market to visit in Lagos state. In Yaba Market, you will easily find trendy clothing at very affordable prices because it is close to the University of Lagos State. This place is mostly crowded with students, so it is a good place to go shopping in Lagos state. 

11. Azarai Ikeja 

For your jewelry shopping needs, Azarai Ikeja is where to visit. It is one of the best jewel shops in the state with great customer service. A highly recommended place for anyone hunting for rings, as they have great options at affordable prices. 

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12. Iderajewelery 

Seeking where to go jewel shopping in Lagos state? Iderajewelery is another great option. When it comes to good quality, this place stands out. They offer customers the best products and customer service. Trust me, whatever jewelry you are looking to buy, this is where to go because there is a wide range of options to choose from. 

13. Eternal Gems 

Just as the name implies, this is the place to get lasting gems in Lagos state. Eternal Gems offer customers a wide range of jewels to buy. Furthermore, they are one of the highest recommended centers in Lagos state for shopping. Let’s not forget the outstanding customer service. 

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14. Rings Emporium 

Ring Emporium is the best place to get your rings. It is a great place to visit for jewel shopping. And the customer service is second to none. You will be lost for choice, as there are so many jewelry sets.  

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15. Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall

Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall is where to visit if you want your shopping needs to be met. It is a place where all your shopping needs are met under one roof. Ranging from groceries to high fashion boutiques and the food court with all its variety of Continental and African food, trust me, you will be glad you visited.

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16. Tejuosho Ultra-Modern Shopping Centre

Known for satisfying consumers’ insatiable needs, and presenting buyers with different goods in order to meet their distinct wants and preferences, this shopping center is one of the top in Lagos. It is a good place to get your shopping needs.

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17. Oyedele Shopping Plaza

This is another perfect shopping destination in Lagos State to get your needs. Oyedele Shopping Plaza is a shopping hub with different shops and stores attending to consumer needs, thus making it a good center.


Not only is Lagos state Nigeria’s busiest state, but it has loads of nice and classy places to have fun, go shopping, relax, and much more. Shopping in Lagos is pleasant because there are so many places you can visit. In this post, we have shared a list of where to go shopping in Lagos state. 

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